American Fast-Food Giant Wendy❜s Coming To Australia

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Good news for Australian families who love burgers! American fast-food giant Wendy's is set to bring its famously square burgers Down Under, pitting it against popular chains such as McDonald's and Hungry Jack's.

The company's chief development officer, Abigail Pringle, said that there is a huge appetite for expansion across the globe and that hundreds of Wendy's restaurants could soon be on the menu in Australia. 

Wendy's Coming Down Under

Have you met Wendy? She's pretty popular on social media. 


Wendy's is known for its square hamburgers, fries, baked potatoes, and Frosty desserts. The chain's logo is a little red-headed girl with pigtails, so it's easy to spot (she's hard to miss on social media as well. Wendy's are one of the cheekiest brands around!). The first Wendy's store was opened in the early 70s, and it has since grown to become a well-loved brand in America and around the world.

Family-friendly prices are a hallmark of Wendy's and news on the street is that the chain plans to bring all of its signature menu items to Australian customers at prices that are actually affordable for families. Parents can expect to feed the whole family without breaking the bank, which is great news for those who love fast food but have a budget to stick to (I mean, isn't that all of us?).


Highlights from the American menu. Not pictured, the famous Frosty. 


In 2021, Wendy's hosted a one-day pop-up event in Sydney to test the waters and gauge Australian interest. And as you can imagine... the response was overwhelmingly positive. People were eager to see Wendy's arrive in Australia, with many sharing that they were ready for something different from their usual fast-food options.

Wendy's is now on the hunt for franchisee candidates to help bring its brand to Australia. The company is excited about the opportunity to expand globally and bring its unique offering to Australian families and look, we're not too upset about it ourselves.

We're not sure exactly when the first one will open, but we've been browsing the American menus, so we're ready with our menu choices when it does! 

Don't worry burger fans, we'll make sure to update you as soon as we have a date and location.

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