We Jump, Climb And Ninja Kick Into Action-Packed Sky Zone

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“You can do it!” “Don’t give up!” “Try again!!”

These are just some familiar calls you’ll hear when first stepping into Sky Zone.

While at first, you may think it’s just another indoor play centre that saves the family from boredom on a rainy day, the amazing trampolines, obstacle courses and wall climbing challenges create a unique atmosphere. One that encourages determination and freedom to try without fear of failure or disappointment.

With super active 8-year-old twin boys, more often than not, I need a fun, safe place for them to expend all that jumping jelly bean energy. Very few places I have discovered though can also allow me to sit back and have a break too. It’s an exhausted parent’s ideal combination: high energy safe fun for them and a little respite for me.

Recently, we took a trip to Sky Zone Alexandria where not only are there trampolines, but also resides Sky Climb and the latest addition, the Enduro Ninja Warrior Course.

We’ve become regulars at Sky Zone Alexandria over the past few years (even having had the boys’ 6th birthday party there). The boys are completely familiar with the equipment and the safety guidelines and each trip is a guaranteed adventure with lots of fun and physical challenges.

Jump, JUMP!

With over 100 interconnected trampolines, this is where it all began. Then again, with so many different zones including The Pit (jump and land in a sea of foam) and Dodgeball, you actually don’t know where to begin!

With endless jumping from one trampoline to another, The Stratosphere is a current favourite with my boys. Now they’ve individually mastered the art of forward flips, the big thrill is to do them perfectly synchronised. A mum of twins can only be so proud.

With hoops and a basketball, the Sky Slam is also a huge hit. The boys come out of the court completely puffed and sweaty but their high from all that adrenalin is infectious.

Keep Climbing to the Sky

When Sky Climb first opened a few years ago, my boys were still preschoolers. Over the years, watching them build so much courage and strength in climbing the walls to the top, your chest can’t help but swell with parental pride.

The Stairway to Heaven was particularly one climbing challenge that took a few shaky attempts but these days, each step is taken with a ton of confidence and then they jump into mid-air, which without fail, takes my breath away.

The Face to Face Wall is highly entertaining to watch, especially with my identical twin boys mimicking and copying each other’s next move until they reach the top.

In all the years we’ve taken the kids to Sky Climb, I’ve never felt a sense of danger. Everyone is securely strapped in a sturdy harness by a staff member. Also, before each hour session begins, there’s an easy to understand but detailed safety brief.

Do keep in mind however, that Sky Climb is for kids who are at least 5 years of age or over 110 cms in height.

Working Those Ninja Moves

Enduro Ninja Warrior Course just opened a couple of months ago and my boys are already tackling each obstacle with sheer gusto. There are three different obstacles and all require the endurance to swing, climb, jump and hang.

Again, there’s never a doubt or fear that the kids will be seriously injured. There are safety nets they can fall into (and sometimes they'll just bounce back up). There’s also ample padding on all of the equipment and the floor.

While my children aren’t that keen on competitive sports, Sky Zone has played a huge part in helping them build their confidence, overcoming their fear of falling or failing.

A place like Sky Zone teaches my children there isn’t just one way to overcome a challenge. Moreover, it reminds them that the only person they need to be better than is themselves; that courage and determination come from what they achieve for themselves.

Little tips for first-timers

  • If you’re planning to go on a day when the weather prediction is set for a scorcher, try and book in early morning or late afternoon sessions. While there are fans and some air-conditioning, with all that physical exertion, things can get extra hot and super sweaty.
  • To avoid disappointment, book all your sessions online.
  • While you will be provided with Sky Zone socks, take covered shoes for Sky Climb
  • While you can’t take in external food and drinks, bring water bottles. There are also bubblers you can use for refills.
  • Parking is free but limited so give yourself ample time before your scheduled session.
  • If you’ve booked in a Sky Climb session, make sure you arrive 15 minutes prior to booking time as there is a safety brief. Very important information so don’t miss out!
  • Located at 75 O'Riordan St, Alexandria NSW. Book here.

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