Top-Rated Childcare Centres in NSW Revealed

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 If you're on the hunt for the top-rated childcare centres in NSW (who isn't?), we've got some fresh insights for you. Here's the lowdown on where NSW stands in the childcare game.

KindiCare's Deep Dive into Top-Rated Childcare Centres

Childcare top rated
KindiCare looked at over 17,300 childcare centres across Australia, and here is what they've found.


KindiCare, that popular childcare app you might've seen on your friend's phone, has been doing some serious detective work. They've sifted through over 17,300 childcare centres across Australia, blending official inspection results with genuine parent feedback. And guess what? We've got the scoop on the top-rated childcare centres in NSW thanks, with a hat tip to the recent report shared by The Daily Telegraph.

NSW's Childcare Scene: The Good, The Fair, and The Top Rated

Here's the headline: Out of 5,900 centres in NSW, about 6.8% (401 centres!) landed a "fair" rating. But don't fret! Among these, some shining stars have emerged as top-rated childcare centres

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Benjamin Balk from KindiCare weighed in on what these ratings mean. Centres with a "fair" rating might be a few steps away from being top-rated. He mentioned, "These centres might have mixed reviews or are still navigating some standards."

Spotlight on NSW's Top-Rated Stars

On the brighter side, Goodstart Early Learning Woy Woy is making waves as one of the top-rated childcare centres in NSW with a stellar score of 9.9. Papa Bear Child Care Centre in Miranda is right up there, too, matching that impressive score!

Top 10 Outstanding Childcare Centres in NSW

Rank Childcare Service Name Suburb State Rating Quality
1 Goodstart Early Learning Woy Woy WOY WOY NSW 9.9 Outstanding
2 Papa Bear Child Care Centre MIRANDA NSW 9.9 Outstanding
3 Gingerbread Kindergarten Kellyville CASTLE HILL NSW 9.9 Outstanding
4 Rise & Shine Kindergarten Sylvania 1 SYLVANIA NSW 9.9 Outstanding
5 Green Gables Kindergarten SANS SOUCI NSW 9.9 Outstanding
6 Goodstart Early Learning Tuggerah TUGGERAH NSW 9.9 Outstanding
7 Goodstart Early Learning Moree MOREE NSW 9.9 Outstanding
8 Explore & Develop Narraweena NARRAWEENA NSW 9.9 Outstanding
9 Little Kingdom Education THE ROCKS NSW 9.9 Outstanding
10 Kindikids Early Learning Centre 2 EDENSOR PARK NSW 9.9 Outstanding

Australia-Wide Glimpse: How Does NSW Compare?

Broadening our lens, Victoria boasts a commendable number of outstanding centres, while South Australia lags a bit. And those with connections in Tasmania have a notable number of "fair" rated centres.

The Price Tag for Top Rated Childcare Centres

Benjamin Balk didn't shy away from discussing fees. Those top rated childcare centres? They might come with a slightly heftier price tag. KindiCare's data reveals an average long daycare fee in Australia is $131.64. Something to ponder as we budget for the best for our kiddos!

Making Sense of KindiCare's Ratings

For the detail-oriented among us, the article decoded KindiCare's rating system from "Outstanding" to "Not Rated", giving clarity on what makes a centre top rated.

Rating Description
Outstanding Centres in this elite category represent the top 3% of all services. They've been around for a while, boasting a seasoned team of top-tier professionals.
Excellent These centres stand out for their superior educational offerings. They're frequently evaluated under the National Quality Framework and consistently receive glowing reviews from satisfied parents.
Very Good Centres in this bracket, representing 97% of services, either meet or surpass national standards. Parents typically have positive things to say, highlighting their above-average early education programs.
Good These centres generally meet national standards across the board. However, they might have limited community feedback or haven't undergone a National Quality Framework assessment in the past three years.
Fair These centres often fall short of the national average in terms of service quality. They might have limited or negative reviews and are sometimes newer establishments still finding their footing.
Poor Centres in this category are notably below the national quality average. They might be newer establishments that, upon initial review, have multiple areas needing improvement.
Not Rated These centres are typically newer, having operated for less than three years, and haven't yet been evaluated by the official government body.


See the full interactive Kindicare table on the The Daily Telegraph's website here or visit the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority website.

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