Could Disneyland Australia Finally Be Coming Down Under?

There's a plan in the works to bring the 'happiest place on earth ', aka Disneyland, to Australia, and excuse us if we are already wearing our mouse ears in anticipation!

Disneyland Australia will become the seventh Disneyland resort in the world if the plan is successful, joining other world-famous locations in Anaheim, Orlando, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.

Could Disneyland Australia Finally Be Coming Down Under?

Disneyland Australia
Could Disneyland Australia be coming to Melbourne?

There have been many mumblings over the years of a Disneyland Australia, with many Australian business personalities putting their hands up to lend their support and even provide the location to build Disneyland Australia. 

Back in 2022, Seppeltsfield and Penny's Hill winery owner Warren Randall was keen to bring the 'happiest place on earth' to his home state of South Australia. According to The Advertiser, he would be willing to contribute part of his 1200-ha McLaren Vale land portfolio to bring this dream to life.

"I would love to make land available for the location to kickstart it. Either you sell the land into a consortium, lease it or gift it – you find a way," he told the Advertiser.

"I think, in tourism, we're all a little bit sick and tired of Adelaide being the place you fly over when you go from Sydney to Perth. It is time we made a statement, a few statements, in our state," he said.

And now, another prominent figure has also put her hand up in support of a Disneyland Australia. Melbourne Lord Mayer Sally Capp has thrown Melbourne into the destination ring as the potential site for a Disneyland Australia.

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Ms Capp said, "As Australia’s capital city of fun, of course we should have a Disney theme park in Melbourne. We’ve even got the perfect spot for it – Fishermans Bend. We saw with the Firefly Zipline just how much Melburnians love a thrilling ride. At Fishermans Bend, exhilarating roller-coasters could soar over the Yarra as part of a Disneyland, Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom."

"I know a Disney theme park in our municipality would be a huge hit with residents — myself included — visitors, students and traders", she added.

We hear that another prime piece of land in Victoria has been proffered up for a Disneyland Australia near Avalon Airpot north of Geelong and about 30 minutes from the Melbourne CBD. Fingers crossed!

Third Time's The Charm?

We know, we know. We've been burnt before by unfulfilled promises of an Australian Disneyland.

The Gold Coast theme park could have opened in the late 1990s with negotiations between the state government, Star Land Company, and Walt Disney.

The Sydney waterfront areas around White Bay and Glebe Island were also considered potential locations for a Disney Wharf concept. 

Both plans were scrapped as the risk and cost of bringing the Disney dreamland to life were just too large for both Disney and the respective Australian states.

Come on Australia, let's build a new Disneyland in Australia so we can all enjoy it!

We'll continue to update you on this news as it develops. 

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