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Sport is a fantastic way to keep fit in a world full of iPads and screens, it’s a great way to make friends and develop social skills, learn to work as a team, boost self-esteem, hone skills, and develop a passion that could last throughout their young life.

Here are our top picks for kids’ sports classes across Sydney (make sure you use your Active Kids Voucher if you haven't already!). 

Croydon Tennis Centre

Croydon Tennis Centre are producing the next generation of tennis stars through delivering Tennis Australia’s official kid’s starter program – ANZ Tennis Hot ShotsTennis is great for mental, physical and social development and it is a lifelong skill for many players. Inspire a passion in your child at Croydon Tennis Centre in Sydney's inner west. Their program runs daily from Monday to Sunday, for children from 3 -12 years of age and provides a fun, friendly environment where children can get involved in tennis, emulate their favourite stars and make new friends from within their community.

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program lets kids learn the sport quickly and easily, build their confidence and also gets them active through playing sport. Using the modified equipment - low compression tennis balls, smaller racquets and altered courts - makes it easier for beginners to start playing the game, and it is a great way to introduce kids to tennis in a fun way. Croydon Tennis Centre employed coaches are fully qualified and Tennis Australia accredited. For more information on all programs and classes, visit the website.


If your kids wants to bend it like Beckham, get them into Soccajoeys. The passionate coaches love soccer and want to tap into all cornerstones of a healthy childhood, ie movement, play and social interaction. With centres all over Sydney, the indoor soccer classes start from toddlers and go into primary aged groups. Find out more info here.


myBJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Focusing on self defence, self-confidence and competition, these classes teach more than just a sport - Junior Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes are a way of life. Their programs combine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, obstacle courses, strategy games, yoga, stretching and most importantly, tons of fun! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a non-violent martial art which teaches kids respect and discipline in a safe environment. Located in the inner west and the north shore, find out more info here.

Gymnastics NSW

If your child has shown an interest in gymnastics, try to look for a class that is affiliated with Gymnastics NSW (there are many providers in Sydney). Established in 1948, Gymnastics NSW (GNSW) is the State governing body for gymnastics so you know you're getting a class that is professional and ensures ongoing achievements and success within the sport. If your child is just starting out, take a look at their KinderGym classes, these are movement-based and allow children to develop physical skills in a fun and playful way, at their own rate. 

Humpty Sports

This quality multi-sports program, on Sydney’s North Shore, is specifically designed for children 2½ – 6 years. Classes are age based to help ensure kids learn and develop great physical, social and emotional skills. Activities include: tennis, football, basketball, soccer, t-ball, hockey, cricket, relays, obstacle course, balance and locomotor skills. Whether you are looking for weekly classes, some holiday sporting action or a great party experience Humpty Sports is for you!! Caring and supportive staff, great facilities and high energy programs provide a fun filled and memorable experience. Free trial class offered! Humpty is the best way to start learning skills for life! Find out more info here.


Macquarie Uni Martial Arts

Macquarie University MiniMac Martial Arts pride themselves on offering students and community members the best opportunity to begin your training in a safe environment. Their Mini MacWarrior program caters to 5-16 year olds, with Karate and Taekwondo classes held on a weekly, year-round basis- so you can join at any time! This program builds confidence, discipline and focus in a fun and friendly environment. Classes are fun and safe, catering for all levels of ability. The programs use a progressive belting model and are taught by instructors with over 30 years teaching experience. All lessons are offered on martial arts mats- and trial classes are FREE!


mac uni

Kelly Mini Sports

Does your child keep you guessing when it comes to their favourite hobby (don't they all?!) Why not try a sports class that mixes it up every week. Kelly Mini Sports, located all over NSW, offers toddlers and preschoolers the fundamental skills of Basketball, Cricket, Footy, Soccer, Tennis and Rugby League through a dedicated team of coaches. Introducing sports at an early age can develop your child’s gross and fine motor skills while fine-tuning their coordination in a fun and supportive environment. Kids as young as 1 are welcome! Find out more here.

Ready Steady Go Kids

Do your kids change their minds quicker than the wind? Variety is the spice of life and at Ready Steady Go Kids, your kids can try 10 different sports to see what they really like. Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest multi-sport and exercise program for preschoolers (aged 1.5–6 years). They have been operating since 2004 in their quest to help all children benefit from sport and physical activity. With locations all over Sydney, there is bound to be one near you and your child will learn sports such as soccer, athletics, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, AFL, golf, cricket and T-ball. For more info see their website.

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