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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Gosh there are some clever and innovative mums out there! Thanks to the geniuses at Buzzfeed and LifeHack, here are the hacks to make daily routines flow more smoothly and life that little bit easier when raising a family.

1. This Trick Is Sweet

Put a marshmallow as a stopper in the bottom of your child’s ice cream cone- this will avoid the sticky, dripping, messy part of ice cream eating when the bottom of the cone gets soggy. Your kids definitely won’t complain!



Source: personalcreations 

2. New Uses For Cupcake Liners

Don’t fear your little one taking an ice block to the couch again! Stick a cupcake holder to the bottom of the treat to catch drips and end sticky messes!


cupcake liner

Credit: bargainmaxuk / Instagram

3. Magnet Cups

Have 1001 half empty children’s cups lying around the house? Stick magnets to your children’s favourite cups and stick them to the fridge- every time they go for a juice or water, they won’t take a new one from the cupboard! Important Note: This one is for older kids only! Don’t use this one if there is any risk of your kid putting a magnet in their mouth


magnet cups

Credit: Adventures in Pinteresting 2012

4. Command Hooks For Bibs

Stick a trusty command hook on the back of the high chair, and hang bibs from it! Hungry babies don’t leave much time for you to go bib hunting. According to Pinterest, this was the most popular parenting trick of 2015!


command hook

Credit: Definitely jennifer

5. Stickers For Shoes

They may be putting their own shoes on, but they still don’t know their left and rights. Cut a sticker in half and put one in each shoe to remind them which ways which!


shoe sticker

Credit: LifeHack

6. Bet You Never Knew What These Were For…

The envelope folds on the top of children’s onesies allow you to pull them down and off, rather than over their heads. If your baby has pooped, this will save a lot of mess!


Credit: Spohr/BuzzFeed

7. Bust Out Your Old Bottle Of WD-40

Did you know, WD-40 is an awesome crayon-remover?! Spray on and wipe off.


wd 40

Source: LifeHack

8. How To Hide Your Junk Food

You’ve probably already exhausted every hidden nook and cranny in your home, but somehow they still manage to get their little hands on your hidden stash of chocolate! Hack: hide them in packets of healthy food. They’d never voluntarily reach for the peas!


hiding candy

Credit: pishposhbabydotcom/Instagram

9. Toilet Paper Trickery

Children seem to enjoy pulling exorbitant amounts of toilet paper off the rolls. Use this funny little sign to show kids where they have to stop- it’s so quirky, the kids will obey!

shall not pass

Credit: amandathevirtuoushousewife

10. A New Addition To Craft Time

Craft time can often be the stuff of nightmares with paint spills on the carpet, gluey sticky hands on furniture, and the dreaded spills of glitter absolutely everywhere. Use a lint roller to quickly and easily clean up spills!

lint roller

Source: LifeHack

11. Laundry Basket Bath Time

It’s a sad reality that toys float away, out of arms reach, in the bath. Put your toddler in a laundry basket and pop them both in the bath. Add some toys, and there you have a stress-free bath time play!



This is the greatest idea!!! #momhacks


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12. Tame Crazy Hair

Little girls might fret when their favourite dolls don’t look so glamorous anymore. Use a small spray bottle to mix 2 tablespoons of fabric softener with water, and voila.



hair taming

Credit: It’s Written On The Walls

13. Don’t Throw Out Old Pizza Boxes

They make for great, sprawling canvasses for little budding Picassos.


pizza box

Credit: LifeHack

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