This Sydney School❜s Canteen Has Turmeric Lattes and Smashed Avo On Toast!

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By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

Check out this Northern Beaches-based primary school's canteen menu- it's got the best brunch selection we've ever seen!

The Northern Beaches Christian School has an onsite cafe-canteen hybrid called Grounded that takes school lunches and recesses to a new level. It is an independently owned cafe offering "great food and exceptional coffee" for quite reasonable prices, a place where parents are welcome to sit down for a bite to eat or where kids can make lunch orders through Munch Monitor. 

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According to the Northern Beaches school, "The cafe aligns with our core value of being a learning community built on strong, meaningful relationships – food is a great catalyst for shared community. Grounded is an independent business, with a vision is to provide healthy, delicious food, prepared daily on the premises." According to, enrollment at this school costs around $15,00 a year, so for those fees, we'd definitely welcome a top notch cafe. 

Menu items include: artesian fruit loaf, organic yoghurt, bliss balls, vegan salted caramel and chocolate mousse, Nonna's meatballs, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, and lots more. Check it out:

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