Five Things Kids Learn In Gymnastics, Other Than Gymnastics

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It's a rite of passage for kids to learn to tumble, cartwheel and handstand, and while we know they benefit enormously from the fundamental skills of jumping, rolling, balancing and stretching, and the subsequent attributes of strength, flexibility, and coordination, gymnastics actually offers a plethora of advantages beyond physical fitness and motor skills. There is a slew of positive outcomes that support children's holistic development, including social, cognitive and emotional growth.

Gymnastics is not just a sport but a pathway to building confident, well-rounded little humans. Here's why:

Five Things Kids Learn In Gymnastics, Other Than Gymnastics

Five Things Kids Learn From Gymnastics
If at first, you don't succeed, try and try again!

1. The Incredible Joy Of Unlocking Potential Through Persistence

With a goal in mind – whether it's big or small – children learn the profound power of continual effort when they apply themselves to gymnastics. It’s easy to give up on a challenge when things don’t always go your way, but gymnastics teaches children the value of committing yourself to consistency and breaking down tasks to achieve the desired outcome (guided by an accredited coach, of course).

From a simple goal, like crossing the beam without holding mum’s hand in KinderGym, to a more advanced handstand or flip, there is power in persistence!

2. The Beauty Of Resilience

In gymnastics, falls and failures are actually the building blocks to success. While learning a cartwheel or swinging on the bars, it is inevitable mistakes will be made along the learning curve, and children become accustomed to this experience. This fosters a sense of resilience at an early age, as they learn not to let setbacks deter them and it’s a natural part of gaining skills and trying something new.

Gymnastics fosters the importance of practice and perseverance in young learners, helping them develop a sense of accomplishment as they master new skills and boosting their self-esteem and confidence.

Five Things Kids Learn From Gymnastics
Cooperation and teamwork are fundamental life skills inherent in gymnastics.

3. The Building Blocks Of ALL Movement

There is a basic set of gross and fine motor skills that serve as the building blocks for movement through life. These are called Fundamental Movement Skills and they are taught in gymnastics, right through from toddlers in KinderGym to primary school kids in artistic gymnastics, trampoline, FreeG classes and more.

Just as kids need to learn their ABCs to read, they need fundamental movement skills to move freely through life and learn more complex skills through sports. The abilities and strength gained through gymnastics often translate incredibly well to other sports.

4. Self-discipline Is A Superpower

The word discipline comes from the Latin word ‘to teach’ and through gymnastics, children are taught responsible behaviours, self-control, turn-taking, teamwork and more. They safely learn about movement and take responsibility for their actions. It’s difficult to learn new skills if you’re not disciplined in attending class, listening and trying your hardest.

Gymnastics is a beautiful sport to develop the valuable life skills of discipline and determination, which are useful for learning at school and beyond.

Gymnastics NSW
Starting young paves the way for lifelong healthy habits!

5. We Are All Capable. And Movement Is Fun!

Every kid deserves to feel the freedom of swinging, rolling and running. Learning to trust your body and build confidence is a crucial part of experiencing the joy of movement. From before birth, children are hardwired to move. By creating a strong positive connection to movement from a young age, parents can set their children up for success in life and pave the way for an active and healthy lifestyle.

With so much variety on offer and programs ranging for all abilities and styles, there’s a place for everyone in gymnastics. 

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Brett Gerard Williams

Aug 21 2023

I agree that I myself gained all those things from gymnastics. But when I tried to get my own sons involved in gymnastics,, taking them to classes from a fairly young age, I think the main lessons that my sons learned about gymnastics is that (1) in beginner classes, the club is not really interested in teaching skills and is more interested in maintaining a ratio of gymnasts to coaches that is profitable; (2) that unless you display sufficient ability at a young age to have the potential to enhance the prestige and career path of the coach, then they are not interested in you or in teaching you any gymnastics.