These Moon Resorts Are On The Way To Planet Earth

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Imagine if you could travel to space for a family holiday, or better yet, travel and stay on the Moon. Pretty exciting, eh?

While space holidays and exploration are still way out of the realm of possibilities for the vast majority of us, there may be a way you and your family could visit a moon resort soon than you think. Well, sooner than we'll be taking holidays in actual space anyway. 

Moon World Resorts is building four multi-billion dollar mega resorts under giant replicas of the Moon.

Excuse me while I pack my bags.

And they'll be ready for guests in the next 10 years. 

Each resort will offer a mini lunar experience for the cost of just US$500, which, yes, seems like a lot, but when you compare it to the cost of an actual space flight (from US$200,000), it seems pretty reasonable. 

"People want something unique, something different, something 'Wow,'" Michael Henderson, co-founder of Moon World Resorts, Inc., told The New York Post. "Space flights cost $200,000 to $250,000 — so the masses just can't participate. With Moon [World Resorts], for $500, they can walk on an authentic lunar surface and enjoy exploring a lunar colony in a spectacular way."

The price is still pretty high for us 'masses', right? So what would a stay at the Moon resort look like? 


"Featuring an intergalactic nightclub where dancers can hang out under a flying saucer."


There will be all the regular resort stuff, like thousands of guest rooms, spas, shops, restaurants and bars ... an intergalactic nightclub where dancers can hang out under a flying saucer, you know, the usual. 

But the main excitement is focused on the lunar colonies located at the top half of the Moon structure, incasing the resort. The lunar colonies are rumoured to be based on the actual lunar colonies currently under construction by NASA, and for just $500, visitors can get a tour of what life could be like in outer space one day! 

Plus, there will be moon buggies, space shuttle rides and a space training area for agencies invested in space exploration. 

The first location will open in Dubai in 2027 and soon after in Las Vegas. This will be followed by locations in Europe and Asia Pacific but no word on where yet. Could Australia be next? 

Want to know more? Head to the Moon World Resort Facebook page here.

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