There❜s a Super Pink Moon On The Rise This Week

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The strange cosmic forces that have taken over the world will finally give us a more welcome surprise this week. On Wednesday night you can behold the luminous lunar light show of a rare Super Pink Moon! 

The Super Pink Moon - aka perigee-syzygy - will light up the night on Wednesday 8th April 2020, with the moonrise starting from around 6pm (it will look biggest when it is near the horizon) and the best viewing at approximately 11:06pm, when the moon will be at its highest.

 Super Pink Moon

A full moon is created when the moon is at the exact opposite point to the Sun, as they orbit the earth, bringing these three celestial bodies into alignment. The stunning perigee-syzygy happens when the April full moon is also at it’s closest position to the earth, at only 356,907 kilometres, making it look larger. Magic! This perigee-syzygy is destined to be the biggest and best this year.

Though this stellar sight will give us something to smile about this week, it sadly won’t cast a rosy-pink hue. The Pink moon is named after the Spring blooms of our Northern Hemisphere counterparts that start to bloom at this time of year.

Remembering to keep your social distance, go outside this Wednesday night, keep your chin up and look to the sky! 

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