The Wiggles Pay Packets Has Been Leaked

Let’s be real, there’s nothing more satisfying than learning how much dollar someone is earning and that satisfaction doubles down when it comes to The Wiggles.

A source told Woman’s Day that Emma Wiggle is pulling in a sweet $750,000 a year as the pirouette-spinning yellow Wiggle. To date, she’s worth $12million.

While Anthony Field, the longest-running member who has the largest shares in the band, earns over a $1million a year. His bank balance currently sings to the tune of $21million.

And while there were no released figures for red Wiggle aka Simon Pryce or purple Wiggle aka  Lachlan Gillepsie, it’s previously been rumoured to be around $250,000 a year.

How Much Are The Wiggles Paid?
The brand-new line up.

How Much Do The Wiggles Get Paid?

How about the brand-new Wiggles? Well, the source said that Evie Ferris, Kelly Hamilton, John Pearce and Tsehay Hawkins will be on a more modest $150,000 in their first year.

“Don’t get me wrong, these new members aren’t complaining because they know the power The Wiggles has to transform their lives,” the insider told Woman’s Day.

“It’s still a great paying gig that so many other singers would kill for, particularly in the current climate.”

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