The New, Innovative Program To Learn Mandarin For Kids

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Why your child should learn Mandarin?

Australia prides itself on its vibrant multiculturalism. The last Census confirmed that a fifth of our population are speaking a language other than English at home and  Mandarin is in the top spot! In fact, Mandarin is the most spoken language in the entire world.

Despite the stats, learning a second language is not compulsory in most Australian schools and students are learning fewer second languages, despite growing global connections and burgeoning demand for bilingual skills in the workforce. It doesn’t make sense! So if you want your child to be able to communicate with an extra 1.1 billion people, read on.

Why your child should learn Mandarin with AMEA?

Australia Mandarin Education Academy (AMEA) has developed an innovative new way for kids to learn a new language by immersion, absorbing them in real-life activities so they can learn in context while having fun. No boring sedentary studying here folks!

The unique Immersive Situational Based Learning (ISBL) model 

The Immersive Situational Based Learning (ISBL) model adopted by the academy means Mandarin is spoken almost exclusively in classes, by students, as well as teachers, to gain practical know-how of their new language. Kids are encouraged to solve problems, accomplish tasks and communicate with others in life-like situations. Backed by more than a decade of research and application, ISBL is an innovative and unique approach that is considered the best way for children to pick up a second language, adopting the dialect from the very beginning in a project-based program.

As well as learning a skill they can use for life, becoming bilingual from an early age exposes children to different cultures and improves memory, attention span, multi-tasking and problem-solving. With a diverse range of classes from Logical Thinking and Robot Making to Dancing and Watercolour Painting, your child can learn a new language and develop their favourite subjects and skills at the same time. Children love to learn through games and play and can put their budding language skills into practice, actually using the language to ensure they improve much faster. All activities are designed to support your child learning Mandarin, without even realising they are doing it.

Maximum 6 kids in a class

AMEA limits their class sizes to 6 children to support every child’s individual needs and ensure maximum attention from the teacher. The classes teach children to use Mandarin much like a school experience in China, where children need to learn other skills as well as the language itself. All AMEA teachers are in fact professionals from Mainland China! How authentic is that?

Flexible time options

AMEA offers 1hr classes in different disciplines with loads of flexible time options so you can match support child's interests while they learn. You can even book 3 one-hour morning classes in a row, they can rotate between Mini Village Class (simulating real-life settings like a restaurant and supermarket), Science Tech Engineering Arts Maths Class, Movement and Gymnastics Class, and more. There is also a 30 minute Baby Music and Baby Gym Class.

Book a free trial class now at the brand new purpose-built facility on Botany Road in Alexandria.

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