The Most Beautiful Sounding Names According to Science

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that naming your child is a deeply personal experience. Whether you go traditional, contemporary, or super-unique, you likely choose a name for your child because it sounds beautiful to your ears and mind.

Well, baby brand My 1st Years have partnered with Dr. Bodo Winter, Associate Professor of Cognitive Linguistics at the University of Birmingham to delve deep into the science behind why some words (and therefore, names) sound better than others. They’ve analysed principles of linguistics such as iconicity (‘sound symbolism’) on hundreds of baby names to compile lists of the most beautiful sounding names from both the UK and the US.

The Most Beautiful Sounding Names According to Science

Using phonetics - the study of sounds, patterns, and structures of the human language - the study revealed which names evoked the most emotions when said out loud. 

Dr Winter found that names beginning with the letter 'E' were shown to be more pleasing to the ears, particularly in girls' names, with Ellie, Emily, Evelyn, Eva and Elena ranking in top spots. 

Most Linguistically Beautiful Boys Names in the UK

  1. Zayn
  2. Jesse
  3. Charlie
  4. Louie
  5. William
  6. Freddie
  7. George
  8. Ali
  9. Daniel
  10. Riley
  11. Omar
  12. Arthur
  13. Rowan
  14. Leo
  15. Joseph
  16. Theo
  17. Harry
  18. Noah
  19. Toby
  20. Jude
  21. Isaac
  22. Teddy
  23. Samuel
  24. James
  25. Elijah
  26. Luke
  27. Edward
  28. Logan
  29. Riley
  30. Max
  31. Liam
  32. Roman
  33. Ryan
  34. Jack
  35. Benjamin
  36. Lucas
  37. Henry
  38. Finn
  39. Jacob
  40. Mason
  41. Nathan
  42. Alex
  43. Alexander
  44. Theodore
  45. Adam
  46. David
  47. Hunter
  48. Muhammad
  49. Sebastian
  50. Dylan

Most Linguistically Beautiful Girls Names in the UK 

  1. Sophia
  2. Zoe
  3. Rosie
  4. Sophie
  5. Ivy
  6. Phoebe
  7. Violet
  8. Willow
  9. Hannah
  10. Ellie
  11. Emily
  12. Evelyn
  13. Rose
  14. Eliza
  15. Eva
  16. Chloe
  17. Penelope
  18. Lucy
  19. Ruby
  20. Lily
  21. Olivia
  22. Emma
  23. Eleanor
  24. Bella
  25. Luna
  26. Ella
  27. Thea
  28. Nancy
  29. Isabella
  30. Maya
  31. Amber
  32. Daisy
  33. Amelia
  34. Anna
  35. Georgia
  36. Charlotte
  37. Elizabeth
  38. Maria
  39. Iris
  40. Aurora
  41. Jasmine
  42. Alice
  43. Eden
  44. Jessica
  45. Aria
  46. Harper
  47. Sienna
  48. Grace
  49. Ada
  50. Erin

The Most Linguistically Beautiful Baby Names in the US

Most Beautiful Baby Names According to Science
If you're about to have a baby, these beautiful-sounding names could offer some serious inspiration!

While there are a lot of similarities between the lists, one of the main differences between the two countries was that Ivy did not make the girl's top five in the US and instead was replaced with the name Everly.

Matthew graced the top of the boys list in the US, with other inclusions ranging from Levi and Santiago to Maverick and Ezekiel—while Stella, Autumn, Kennedy, and Serenity also graced the girl's US list.

Check out the full list! 

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