Australia's Most Bogan Baby Names Revealed

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Aussies are notorious for our much-loved slang - the short, sharp homegrown lingo that enters the vernacular and becomes part of our daily lexicon. Bogan is one such term that has evolved from it’s 80s roots to represent a stereotypical subculture synonymous with bad taste. They’ve even put their unique spin on baby names!

Strap yourself in for this hilarious list of Australia’s most bogan baby names, compiled by Kidspot.

Girls Bogan Baby Names

Carryn - she’ll always be a Karen to us!

Chablis - born at exactly wine o’clock

Corona - is that the Mexican beer or the deadly virus?

Graceland - would you name your little queen after The King's house?

Honestee - she will lie about liking her name

Jezebella - even the 'la' on the end can't save this bad girl

Jinx - surely this a curse?

Jumelle - fancy French name gone wrong

Pistol - it might have worked for Pete Sampras, but that’s about it

Klowee - the phonetically accurate but bogan version of Chloe

Boys Bogan Baby Names

Axe - last name, Murderer?

Bamboo - bogan with a dash of hipster

Chaton - another foreign misappropriation, meaning kitten in French.

Dagger - the deadly weapons trend continues

Jaguar - the fast feline or the luxury car? Either way…

Jaxtynn - a train wreck where all the popular names collide

Jevin - when you like the name Kevin, but it’s out of style

Mordax - this one is inspired by a scorpion insect

Rad - destined to be one of the cool kids

Tygrrr - when you use onomatopoeia out of context

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