Australia❜s Most Bogan Baby Names for 2022

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It's that time of year again, when the most Aussie bogan baby names are announced. And well, you're in for a real treat this year as 2022's most bogan baby names list shows no signs of getting any classier than years past. 

Some of our favourites from 2021 included Lynxx, Fysh, and Trynyty, so we're incredibly curious what the tastes of Australia's most bogan couples have in store for us in 2022.

Without further ado, strap yourself in for this hilarious list of Australia’s most bogan baby names, compiled by the team over at Kidspot.

Bogan Baby Names for Girls

Brexleigh - A nod to Brexit, perhaps? 

Iveigh - I guess the traditional Ivy has far too few letters.

Juul - Apparently this is a nod to one of Australia's favourite vaping brands and we just can't.

Kardi - Yes, as in Cardi B and yes, as in Bacardi and yes, with a K because, you know, bogan.

Kior - For those Karens, Kaths, Kellys and Kims obsessed with keeping the K lineage alive yet equally as obsessed with Dior. 

Maevery - I'm surprised they didn't use the divine æ symbol. Mævery. Much classier. 

Miraccle - Because one c is just not enough to convey just how miraculous your child is.

Resilia - A child named Resilia will automatically be resilient, right?

Salmon - It's perhaps the least offensive of a bad bogan bunch. 

Samanda - When you can't choose between Samantha and Amanda. Try again, we beg you.

Bogan Baby Names for Boys

Brave - We shall call him Brave and he shall conquer all. Seriously though, how awkward would introductions be?

Draven - I dug deep to find any redeeming qualities for this one. Nada. 

Draxler - I think this is the namesake of some German soccer player but all I can think of is Dracula. 

Kashdon - Cashed up folks, this one's for you. With a K because, you know, bogan. 

Knoxlee - Spellchecker definitely couldn't recognise this embarrassment.

Ledgen - When you want to subtly imply your child's a legend, a letter scramble as sneaky as this will throw them off.  

Maxon - He will, without a shadow of a doubt, be called Max. Oh, how the Earth mocks you.

Roar - Super awkward during those prepubescent, squeaky-voice years. 

Zaiken - A name so bad it deserves a slow clap. 

Zinc - The mind boggles. Absolutely boggles. 

Source: Kidspot

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