The First Day Spa for Babies has Opened in Melbourne

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Babies aged 0 - 6 months can relive their time in the womb at Melbourne's newest day spa for infants in Rowville, Baby Spa.

Coming straight from London, and opening in Melboourne in 2017, the spa is designed to allow babies and parents to "enjoy the first ‘steps’ towards a child’s physical and emotional independence" by floating in a neonatal pod filled with water, followed by infant massage.

Image Credit: Baby Spa Melbourne

Floatation Relaxation

Tiny tots begin each session with a 10-30 minute immersion into a body of water, supported by the Bubby ®, a floatation device fitted around the babies' necks, allowing them to float freely, unaffected by gravity. There have been concerns about neck floatation devices for babies that were originally designed as medical devices for children with disabilities, including some recalls on inflatable plastic devices purchased on eBay. The Bubby ® used at Baby Spa was patented by founder Laura Sevenus, and has special cut outs for the ears and jaw bones that supposedly allow for support and stability. 

Hydrotherapy Benefits

The staff at Baby Spa recommend the float tanks for babies for a range of health benefits, including muscular and skeletal strength, positive effects on the digestive and circulatory systems, increased lung capacity, and stimulation of reflexes. The water is said to promote relaxation owing to its similarity to the womb environment, and parents have reported calmer babies who sleep longer after a visit. 

Image Credit: Baby Spa Melbourne

A Little Bit of Luxury

After swimming in the purified water, the babies are wrapped in soft, warm towels before enjoying a massage with South Africak grapeseed oil to a soothing soundtrack of quiet music.

Classes and massages are also offered to the parents, as are calm rooms for feeding, swim nappies and swimsuits for the babies, and access to all staff who are mothers and midwives themselves. 

You can find Baby Spa Melbourne at 1091 Stud Rd, Rowville, and make appointments here.

Image credit: Baby Spa Australia

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