The Adult Happy Meal Lands Down Under

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Remember the thrill of cracking open a Happy Meal box as a kid? The anticipation, the joy of discovering which toy you got – it was the highlight of many a childhood. 

Well, fellow parents, brace yourselves for a blast from the past because McDonald's Australia, affectionately known as Macca's, is about to sprinkle a little of that magic on us grown-ups. Yes, you read that right. The Adult Happy Meal is making its grand debut in Australia this February, and it's about time!

McDonald's Australia Launches Happy Meals For Grown-ups

What's in the Box?

Adult happy meals Australia
We're lovin' it!


It's been a long two years watching our friends in the US rave about their grown-up versions of the iconic Happy Meal. 

From collaborations with Cactus Plant Flea Market to the whimsical creations with Kerwin Frost, they've had all the fun. But our collective plea for a taste of the action has finally been heard. Starting 14 February, we can all relive our childhood with a decidedly adult twist.

The Adult Happy Meal comes packed with all the goodies we've come to love: crispy fries, a refreshing drink, and the choice between a succulent Big Mac or a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets. 

But let's be honest, it's the toy that's got us all talking. This time, it's the return of the McNugget Buddies, those iconic '90s collectibles that once had us begging our parents for just one more Happy Meal.

Adult happy meals Australia
Remember McNugget Buddies?


Amanda Nakad, McDonald's Australia's marketing maestro, shared that the McNugget Buddies are back by popular demand, complete with their zany adventures and quirky outfits. It's a nod to the nostalgia, a chance for us to chase the joy of our youth, but with the bonus of not having to eat around the pickles if we don't want to.

Kerwin Frost's special set of Buddies is all about self-expression, each figurine a reminder to embrace our uniqueness. With six McNugget Buddies to collect, each accompanied by collector's trading cards, it's a treasure hunt that harks back to simpler times. It's a chance to share a piece of our childhoods with our kids, to show them the joy of collecting and the stories behind each character.

The Adult Happy Meal has already taken the US by storm, and it's set to do the same here.  To the parents who've mastered the art of negotiating bedtime, who've become adept at sneaking veggies into meals, and who've endured countless renditions of baby shark – this one's for you.  So, mark your calendars, folks. 

After all, who says Happy Meals have to be just for kids?

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