Ditch the Screens and Get Outside this Summer with NERF

We’ve officially arrived at the summer school holidays, and while everyone’s excited for a break—there’s a lot (a lot) of summer stretching ahead of us, and we’re looking for fun, adventurous ways to fill it.

Enter, NERF—the perfect antidote to screens this summer. With an extensive range of blasters that encourage endless amounts of games and imaginative play, NERF blasters are a real-deal ticket outdoors this summer, promising to keep kids engaged and active.

Here’s why we’re championing NERF blasters in our outdoor toy rotations this summer.

Outdoor Toys on a Budget

The ultimate backyard fun awaits with NERF's incredible range of blasters, toys and more.


We love outdoor toys of all shapes and sizes, but it’s safe to say that some of them pack a seriously pricey punch. Trampolines, scooters, bikes, and beyond are great ways to get the kids outdoors, but they’re often expensive or lack novelty.

NERF offers a range of budget-friendly ways to get the kids playing outside, away from their screens, and engaging in their outdoor environment. NERF has toys for you, whether it’s a backyard play session or an adventure-fuelled playdate at one of the city’s wide open spaces.

We absolutely love the NERF Digital Target for some serious aiming practice that will keep them engaged for hours—whether that’s in team play mode or for solo practice. NERF’s huge range of blasters for a variety of price points encourages players to think strategically and tactically, all whilst blowing off some serious steam. Winner, winner, NERF battle-ground dinner!

Relive Screen Time in Real-Time!

If you’ve got kids who love the likes of Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite—listen up! NERF’S themed blasters make for the perfect enticement to get them off the on-screen games, and into playing out their favourite scenarios in real life.

NERF unlocks wild and irreverent play invitations for the whole family, helping to connect generations through heart-pounding fun.  NERF’s innovative products make for the most energetic and engaging play experiences for kids as young as six, through to the big kids at heart.

NERF + BBL = Ultimate Summer Fun

Cricket and NERF unite to create a fun-filled, family-friendly experience at the Big Bash Live this summer! 

Coming into their second year of sponsorship with cricket’s Big Bash League—NERF is bringing fun-packed Kids Zone’s to some of this season’s games, as well as innings break activities and beyond.

This year’s fan zone experience will be bigger and better than ever at key BBL matches throughout the summer. The NERF Big Backyard Experience will bring engaging activities for the kids, plus the perfect way to get some serious inspiration for how to set up the ultimate NERF experience in your own backyard! Bring your notepads, everyone.

Shop the incredible range, find the right blaster for you and create your own summer of backyard fun with NERF! 

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