Strathfield Park

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Nestled in the heart of Strathfield, this park is not just any ordinary playground; it's an oasis for children and adults alike. With its sprawling landscapes and diverse play areas, Strathfield Park is a testament to thoughtfully designed recreational spaces. Whether you're looking to have a relaxed picnic or let your children unleash their energy, this park offers something for everyone.

We Test Out Strathfield Park - Home To The Biggest Slides In The Inner West

Discover Strathfield Park: A Playground Paradise

Strathfield Park
A balancing act at its best – where play meets poise!

For the little daredevils who love soaring heights, the high climbing towers, equipped with four slides ranging from big & windy to small & straight, are a major attraction. Close by, an intricate ropes course and climbing frame beckon those looking for a mix of challenge and fun. The addition of a fast, triple-cabled flying-fox ensures minimal wait time and maximum enjoyment.

Climb, Balance, and Play 

Strathfield Park
Where every descent is an ascent to joy.

For those children who are still building their confidence with heights, this section is a godsend. With a ropes course leading to a pint-sized tower and an exit slide, kids have numerous options to explore. Additional features such as a rock-climbing wall, balance beams, a colossal see-saw, and melodious music-making instruments only add to the allure.

For the Youngest Explorers

strathfield park
Ready to slide into fun?!

Strathfield Park ensures even the tiniest of visitors aren’t left out. This space boasts a gentle ramp leading to a slide, a mini rope-climbing tunnel, varied swings to suit all ages, and interactive features like a funhouse mirror maze. Not to forget, the giant nest swing strategically placed by the park's inner edge is bound to be a hit with older kids.

More than Just a Playground

strathfield park
Big adventures await in small packages!

The rest of Strathfield Park is an athletic hub. With fields for basketball, soccer, cricket, netball, and volleyball, and a smooth bike track winding through, the park caters to all sports enthusiasts.

Quick Bits and Tips

  • Amenities: Pristine toilets are conveniently located, and ample street parking surrounds the park.
  • Cafes: While there are no immediate cafes, nearby residential areas offer shops and coffee joints just a short drive away.
  • Safety First: The park isn't enclosed. Given its proximity to a bustling road, it's essential to watch over younger children closely.

What the Kids Say

According to young visitors, this park stands out due to the variety of equipment. The gigantic slides, flying fox, and diverse climbing apparatus make for an adventurous day out. With so much to explore, one visit might not be enough!

Visitor's Note

The park, with its vast canopy of trees, shade sails, and picnic shelters, offers respite from the sun. Planning a half or full-day trip would allow you to make the most of your visit.

Visiting Strathfield Park

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