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Many parents will have fond memories of their parents or grandparents teaching them new skills like cooking and sewing—and there’s no reason that today’s kids can’t have the same experience. 

Sew Easy does exactly what it says on the tin—it makes sewing (so) easy. The perfect machine for beginners, creative family projects and pursuits or for quick alterations on the go, this lightweight, multi-speed machine is suitable for all of your favourite household fabrics and sewing activities.

Here’s what you need to know about Sew Easy, and why it will be heading straight to the top of lots of Christmas lists this year.

The Basics

Sew Easy
The perfect starting point for any aspiring seamstress or seamster!


This entry-level sewing machine is the perfect way to get your child to start practising, and eventually perfecting, the art of sewing in a completely safe way. The Sew Easy is battery operated and can be used with or without the foot pedal—meaning that quite literally any space or surface can become your sewing room.

The machine features elements such as a two-thread lockstitch, automatic thread rewind, built-in sewing light and a two-speed high/low-speed selector. The machine comes with a thread cutter, foot pedal, adaptor, safety protective cover and thread bag—meaning you’re ready and raring to sew in one fell swoop!

A Shared Experience

The beauty of the Sew Easy is that as well as broadening children’s skillsets and giving them a brand new creative outlet, it provides a great opportunity to bring families closer together by giving them the tools to enjoy a new, shared experience. 

Just like cooking and other sorts of craft, sewing is not only a super useful skill to have under your belt—no more replacing clothes just because they get a small hole in them!—it’s also a great hobby to adopt from an early age as it encourages focus, concentration and being mindful in the present moment.

Learning a new skill and then practising it with a parent or grandparent provides a whole new opportunity for bonding and honing a new craft together—passing skills, knowledge and enjoyment from generation to generation. 

An Ideal Gift For Creative Kids

Sew Easy
An affordable gift that also teaches new skills—what more could you want!


The perfect Christmas present for artistic kids, we’re willing to bet that any creatively-minded child would delight in receiving a Sew Easy this festive season. Whether they’ve tried sewing before or are entirely new to the craft, Sew Easy is affordable (just $49, with a bonus sewing set included!), readily available in Spotlight stores and online, and will likely be flying off the shelves this Christmas. Get in early to secure yours now!

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