The Best Christmas Gifts That Give Back in 2023

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If you're counting your blessings this year and want to make a difference, why not start by buying Christmas gifts that give back? 

From saving our sea life to fighting poverty, you can tap into your charitable spirit and make a positive impact that will send far-reaching yuletide cheer around Australia and across the globe. These Christmas gifts that give back are a surefire way to support important local charities and global causes by giving back to the community, to animals, or to the environment - and that's something everyone can feel good about.

In the season for giving, these benevolent goodies will get you big brownie points for originality as well as philanthropy, plus there is no pounding the pavement as you can shop for all these charitable Christmas gifts online. 

The Best Christmas Gifts That Give Back

1. Bands of Courage

Bands of Courage
Bands of Courage are a perfect choice for Christmas gifts that give back this year

With Bands of Courage, every band bought becomes a symbol of positive impact, as the brand plants 10 Mangrove trees for each one sold, which contributes to the well-being of marine and land animals.

These gorgeous bands feature designs inspired by endangered animals, weaving a narrative of conservation and compassion. Furthermore, each Band of Courage is accompanied by a 20 Tree Planting Certificate, ensuring you're part of a meaningful reforestation effort. Plus, you receive an Endangered Animal Gift Card, a personalised touch that shares insights about your planted trees and the endangered animal your band supports. These stunning bracelets make wonderful Christmas gifts that give back!

2. Lindt Koala

Lindt Koala Chocolate Christmas Gift
The beautiful Lindt Koalas are a delightfully delicious Christmas gift with heart.

Exclusive to Australia, the adorable silver-wrapped Lindt Koala is a creamy milk chocolate treat with hints of honey and caramel, adorned with the brand's iconic ribbon and heart charm. Not only is it melt-in-your-mouth delicious, but it also supports the long-term survival of one of our most beloved native creatures. In a heart-warming partnership, $1 from every Lindt Koala purchased is being donated to the Australian Koala Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of koalas and their habitat. Now, doesn't that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

The Lindt Koala makes a gorgeous little festive gift and fits perfectly in those Christmas stockings, plus it's only $8. Treat yourself and make a difference to those cuddly koalas.

3. UNICEF's Paddington's Postcards

Paddington's Postcards
For a Christmas gift that gives back in 2023, sign up for Paddington's Postcards.

For a gift that keeps on giving, Paddington's Postcards by UNICEF make Christmas extra special by teaching children all about the world through the eyes of the kindest and most tolerant bear in the world, Paddington Bear. Paddington's Postcards is a subscription service where children receive a new postcard, stories, activity sheets, and more in their mailbox every month. Sign up from just $25 a month and UNICEF Australia will receive 100 percent of your monthly donation, which supports children in over 190 countries!

4. ReefCycle Sunglasses

The Best Gifts that Give Back this Christmas
ReefCycle saves sealife by pulling nets from the ocean and using them to create sustainable sunglasses.

First, they pulled a net from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to save countless marine life. Now they are upcycling it to create super sustainable sunglasses! The range of ReefCycle sunglasses comes with polarised and non-polarised lenses, plus prescriptions can be added. Every pair of sunglasses purchased will be embossed with a marine animal whose future depends on keeping the sea net free. The more sunglasses sold, the more nets can be removed, and 50% of proceeds go back to help fund WWF conservation work.

5. Goodwill Wine

Goodwill Wine
When you purchase Goodwill Wines they will donate 50% of the profit to charity - and you can choose which one! The ultimate gift that gives back this Christmas.

Not only is Goodwill Wine a certified social enterprise employing a team of disadvantaged Australians, but they also sell top-notch wines at a fraction of the cellar door price and donate 50% of their profits to charity. Purchase from single bottles, gift packs, and mixed cases, and then you get to decide where your charity dollars go. Choose from 300+ charities at checkout including Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Animals Australia, Food For Change Foundation, and Australian Marine Conservation Society.

6. Buy From The Bush

Buy From the Bush
All your gifting needs are sorted with Buy From the Bush's incredible range—and they're a Christmas gift that really gives back, too. 

Here at ellaslist, we're all about supporting small businesses and shopping locally - and one such movement that's doing this is the Buy From the Bush initiative. Buy From the Bush was started to support local Aussie farmers and communities in drought-stricken areas of regional Australia as a way of putting all these struggling families and businesses on the map. There is now a huge collection of incredible gifts, homewares, clothing, food, produce, and other merchandise that are the perfect Christmas gifts that give back in 2023. 

7. PARK Pass-A-Ball Project

Gifts that give back this Christmas
A gift that gives back to soccer fans everywhere! For every Park ball, you buy, another ball will be passed to a child in need.

An invited member of the United Nations Refugee Agency, PARK brings people across the world together through the sport they love - soccer. For every ball purchased through the PARK Pass-A-Ball Project, PARK passes another ball to a kid in need - one for one - with a mission to bridge the inequality gap. With bold, vibrant designs, the super cool PARK Soccer Balls are designed to make an impact on the pitch and across the globe. A winner for any young soccer fan!

8. Become a Taronga 'Zoo Parent'

Taronga Zoo Parent
Support Taronga Zoo's successful Meerkat breeding program!

If you know someone who is wild about animals, make them a Zoo Parent for a year! They will get their own personalised adoption certificate and help fund Taronga's amazing programs for endangered species, as well as the conservation, breeding, and preservation of wild animals and their habitats. Help Taronga nurse koalas back to health, protect Sumatran Tigers from illegal poaching, support the successful breeding of meerkats, and many more heartwarming animal initiatives.

9. Givewrap Gift Wrap

Givewrap Gift Wrap
Givewrap Gift Wrap is the ultimate gift that gives back this Christmas

When you give someone a gift, that’s wrapped in Givewrap, you give so much more than just a gift—because every gift that’s wrapped in Givewrap, gives to charity at the same time. That's a whole lot of giving! There's a huge range of gorgeous designs to choose from for every occasion, the rolls are excellent quality and you're doing good at the same time. What more could you wish for?

10. Sydney Sock Project

Sydney Sock Project
Sydney Sock Project 

Socks might be the old Christmas cliché, but these are more like works of art for your feet! In 2018, the Sydney Sock Project sprang to life with a mission to bring positive change to Australian communities in need. Their heart lies in collaboration with charities to make a lasting social impact, particularly in areas like homelessness, mental health, education, and beyond. Simply choose a charity you wish to support and browse the gorgeous designs related to that charity.

A shout out to the Sydney Sock Project partnership with ANZUP (The Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate Cancer Trials Group); which has resulted in a range of socks featuring vital organs in order to raise money for Below the Belt cancer clinical trials in Australia and New Zealand. 10% of proceeds from the sale of these socks will go towards ANZUP’s much-needed charitable work. Happy shopping!

11. Etiko Printed T-Shirts

Etiko Less Plastic, More Love
The Less Plastic, More Love t-shirt will pay for the collection of 10kg of plastic in India.

Etiko Fair Trade has been awarded a coveted Retail Sustainability Award as Australia's Best All-Round Sustainable Retailer. Their organic, vegan apparel range includes the super cool unisex Less Plastic, More Love Printed T-Shirt. Made from 100% organic cotton, the purchase of this t-shirt will pay for the collection of 10kg of plastic in India through the organisation Plastics for Change. You can also snap up a Less Plastic, More Love Women's T-shirt.

12. Mettle Gift Boxes

Not just any gift box!

If you're looking for exquisite, chic gift boxes that give back this Christmas, look no further than Mettle.

Mettle is a national gift delivery service that employs women who have experienced homelessness due to domestic and family violence. Mettle's goal is to ensure that survivors of domestic and family violence have the skills, confidence, and financial security they need to secure and maintain employment and to ensure that their housing is safe and stable.

Buying a box will not only help you to be the giver of a fantastic gift but will also go towards helping an important cause, making them an awesome choice for Christmas gifts that give back in 2023.

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