9 Of The Best Christmas Gifts That Give Back In 2020

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This year we've had to forgo much more than we are used to, and if that new pared back reality is paving the way for a more thoughtful festive season, swap your usual pressie haul for some gifts that give back!

From saving our sea life to fighting poverty, you can tap into your charitable spirit and make a positive impact that will send far-reaching yuletide cheer around Australia and across the globe. These Christmas gifts are a surefire way to support important local charities and global causes by giving back to the community, to animals or to the environment - and that's something everyone can feel good about.

In the season for giving, these benevolent goodies will get you big brownie points for originality as well as philanthropy, plus there is no pounding the pavement as you can shop for all these charitable Christmas gifts online.

Here are nine of the the best Christmas gifts that give back:

1. ReefCycle Sunglasses

ReefCycle Sunglasses are one of the best Christmas gifts that give back
ReefCycle saves sealife by pulling nets from the ocean and uses them to create sustainable sunglasses.


First they pulled a net from the waters of the Great Barrier Reef to save countless marine life. Now they are upcycling it to create super sustainable sunglasses! The range of ReefCycle sunglasses come with polarised and non-polarised lenses, plus prescriptions can be added. Every pair of sunglasses purchased will be embossed with a marine animal whose future depends on keeping the sea net free. The more sunglasses sold, the more nets can be removed, and 50% of proceeds go back to help fund WWF conservation work.

2. Goodwill Wine

Goodwill Wine
When you purchase Goodwill Wines they will donate 50% of the profit to charity - and you can choose which one!

Not only is Goodwill Wine a certified social enterprise employing a team of disadvantaged Australians, they also sell top notch wines at a fraction of the cellar door price and donate 50% of their profits to charity. Purchase from single bottles, gift packs and mixed cases and then you get to decide where your charity dollars go. Choose from 300+ charities at checkout including Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Animals Australia, Food For Change Foundation and Australian Marine Conservation Society.

3. HELP! The Game

HELP! The Game
This fair dinkum family board game gives back to the Australian Red Cross


A family board game is a winning Christmas gift that kids can play through the summer holidays - and it's a bonus when a game gives back! Australian-themed, HELP! The Game features a cast of colourful characters that represent true blue Aussies. Players travel around the country facing unpredictable real life challenges including floods, fires, tremors, tornadoes, burglars and even the dreaded bin chicken. But be warned: you have to protect your assets or risk being wiped out. HELP! The Game is only $25 at Kmart and at helpthegame.com.au and a portion of proceeds support disaster relief and recovery for Australian Red Cross. What a ripper!

4. PARK Pass-A-Ball Project

PARK Pass-A-Ball Project
A gift that gives back to soccer fans everywhere! For every Park ball you buy, another ball will be passed to a child in need.

An invited member of the United Nations Refugee Agency, PARK brings people across the world together through the sport they love - soccer. For every ball purchased through the PARK Pass-A-Ball Project, PARK passes another ball to a kid in need - one for one - with a mission to bridge the inequality gap. With bold, vibrant designs, the super cool PARK Soccer Balls are designed to make an impact on the pitch and across the globe. A winner for any young soccer fan!

5. Taronga 'Zoo Parent'

Taronga Zoo Parent
For a wild way to give back, becoming a Taronga Zoo Parent includes adoption of an amazing animal for a year.

If you know someone who is wild about animals, make them a Zoo Parent for a year! They will get their own personalised adoption certificate and help fund Taronga's amazing programs for endangered species, as well as the conservation, breeding and preservation of wild animals and their habitats. Help Taronga nurse koalas back to health, protect Sumatran Tiger's from illegal poaching, support the successful breeding of meerkats and many more heart warming animal initiatives.

6. Australian Community Relief Edition MONOPOLY

Limited Edition Monopoly Board
This very Aussie board game gives back to local communities. You beauty!


It's the most popular family board game in the world, and this homegrown version has a social conscience! The brand new, custom designed Australian Community Relief Edition MONOPOLY replaces the usual properties, amenities and railway stations with locally themed squares from 22 communities from across the nation. From Bundaberg to Broken Hill, from Queanbeyan to Coober Pedy, the limited edition game showcases some of our most beautiful regional locations while shedding a light on the impacts of recent disasters including bushfires, floods and COVID-19.  $5 from every Australian Community Relief Edition MONOPOLY game sold goes directly to the Australian Red Cross, to help these areas and the people in need. Get yours for $59 from Big W and do a world of good this Christmas!

7. Soxy Beast Socks

Soxy Beast
The perfect gift for cool dads, these socks are designed by local artists and support Australian charities

Socks might be the old Christmas cliché, but these are more like works of art for your feet! Made in Melbourne, Soxy Beast collaborates with local artists to create bold sock designs that make footsies stand out from the crowd. They deliver their socks to subscribers every month while also giving back to the community. Their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program ensures that for every pair of socks purchased they also donate a pair to one of their charity partners. Here's to happy feet this Christmas!

8. A Girl And Her World Wooden Toys

A Girl And Her World Wooden Toys
These handmade wooden toys are helping to educate young girls in Fiji and make a sweet gift for young kids

In a bid to support girls education in Fiji, a Sydney local (who grew up in the South Pacific paradise) produces beautiful handmade wooden children's toys that help raise funds for A Girl and Her World. The charity aims to break the cycle of poverty through learning and literacy, encouraging a new generation of girls to help form sustainable and empowered communities. Leveraging his skills as an aircraft engineer, Andrew, the volunteer behind the cute creations, hand builds the sturdy wooden toys in his workshop using traditional hand tools, with no nails or screws, and no mechanical patterns or assembly lines. They are simply hand-worked recycled wood and glue made with love! They make perfect gifts for little ones, while gifting Fijian girls an education!

9. Etiko Natural Rubber Thongs

Etiko Natural Rubber Thongs - Animals Australia
These vegan flip flops are a collaboration with Animals Australia who work to combat animal cruelty. 

In a clever collaboration between Etiko Fair Trade and Animals Australia, these vegan flip flops that are designed to feel good and do good. These natural thongs are made for maximum comfort from a blend of certified natural and recycled rubber in Sri Lanka. They also stomp out animal cruelty with 10% of the proceeds of each purchase going to Animals Australia, helping to ensure all creatures are treated with compassion and respect. For more gifts that give back, Etiko also has charity thong collaborations with Sea Shephard, Save The Children and Free The Bears.

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