The Top 50 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2021

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Paddington Postcards

Paddington's Postcards by UNICEF are the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Your child will receive a fun package from Paddington Bear every month while helping children across the globe. It's the feel-good gift of the festive season. Sign up now!

It's beginning to cost a lot like Christmas, are we right? Christmas 2021 is upon us and you know what that means? It's time to start shopping for the best Christmas gifts for kids.

Our Christmas gifts for kids guide includes 50 Christmas gifts this year, so there's bound to be something that your little one will be gaga over this festive season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The Top 50 Christmas Gifts for Kids 2021

Outdoor Toys

Living in the Southern Hemisphere makes Australia one of those lucky countries that celebrates Christmas under the glorious hot sun. Make hay while the sun shines this season with these outdoor Christmas gifts for kids to get them out in nature and enjoying the favourable weather this summer.

Girl on a trampoline
Have the kids been begging you for a trampoline? Introducing Springfree Trampoline, Australia’s Safest and Best Quality Trampoline. 

1. Springfree Trampolines - Enjoy complete peace of mind as you create lasting summer memories with the family on the only trampoline to pass the Australian Safety Standards and be recommended by consumer group CHOICE® for a third consecutive time.

Along with providing hours of fun for the kids (and kids at heart!) all Springfree Trampolines are made with exceptional engineering, use only premium materials, include a comprehensive 10-year warranty, and have precision quality control and testing, so your family trampoline is built to last summer after summer. Above all, owning a Springfree Trampoline ensures kids (and parents) can enjoy the ultimate fun in backyard play, from jumping to reading, picnics, sleepovers, dancing, and everything in between. 

2. Wahu Surfer Dudes


Wahu surfer dudes
Throw them in the ocean and they'll surf back to you! Wahu Surfer Dudes are loads of fun.

Paddington's Postcards

3. Hape Adventure Van 

Christmas gifts for kids
The Hape Adventure Van is another top Christmas gift for kids and can transform into just about any outdoor adventure, from camping to surfing and even hang-gliding! 

4. Circuit Soccer and Tennis Kit

5. Walkie Talkie Sets

6. Sunnylife Call of the Wild Underwater Camera

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Educational Toys & Books

Hape Wooden Monster Scale
Hape Wooden Monster Maths Scale. Image: supplied.

Christmas gifts for kids don't have to be all about plastic toys and noise-makers this year. There are plenty of educational toys and books making the rounds that are super fun for the kids and will keep their brains in tiptop shape.

7. Hape Wooden Monster Maths Scale - Get ready for an educational game of guessing how many weights you need to balance or tip the Monster Maths Scale!

8. Thingy Flip Double Haptic Cube - If 2022 is your little one's year to train their brain, grab them the Thingy Flip Double Haptic Cube. Great for ages three and up, the Double Haptic Cube, like juggling, encourages the brain to function on multiple levels while also being loads of fun for kids. Find out how the Thingy Flip was invented in this cool video.

Christmas gifts for kids
Revolutionise the way your kids play and learn with the Thingy Flip Double Haptic Cube.

9. LeapFrog Magic Adventures Interactive Globe

10. The Snail and the Whale Gift Set

11. Bad Guys: Episode 1 by Aaron Blabey

12. Disney Junior Minnie Bow-Care Doctor Bag Set - If your little one has dreams of becoming a doctor, let Minnie guide her with this oh-so-chic doctor's kit!

13. CoComelon Musical Learning Bus - Calling all CoComelon fans! The interactive CoComelon toy bus allows children to engage in their own early learning adventures with the one and only JJ.

CoComelon Musical Learning Bus
The CoComelon Musical Learning Bus is available from Big W.

Superhero Toys & Dolls

ZURU Surprise Eggs
Christmas 2021 is all about the ZURU Vlad & Niki Surprise Eggs!

Did you even have a childhood if you didn't have a bunch of superheroes, action figures and dolls in the toy box? Add these awesome superhero toys and dolls to your list of Christmas gifts for kids 2021. 

14. ZURU Vlad & Niki Surprise Eggs - YouTube sensations, Vlad & Niki have gathered 20 epic surprises for all the little superheroes out there eager to help them save the world!

15. FuReal Dazzlin' Dimples My Playful Dolphin

16. Paw Patrol Adventure Bay Speedway

17. Barbie Rewind Dolls

18. Beyblade Burst Pro Series Elite Champions Pro Set

19. Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Doll 

20. Minions Tiny Toot - Minions fans can pull a gag on their friends Minion-style with this hilarious fart-firing blaster that produces epic farts that sound exactly like the Minions! You can also vary the sounds by the speed you plunge the air out.

Minions Tiny Toot
Minions Tiny Toot.

21. ZURU Pets Alive Poppy the Booty Shakin' Pug - Meet Poppy the Booty Shakin' Pug! She's got hilarious moves and can groove, dance, twirl (360 degrees!) and shake her booty to three fun songs!

Poppy the Booty Shakin' Pug
Everyone wants to take home Poppy the Booty Shakin' Pug this Christmas!

22. ZURU Rainbocorns Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise - BonBon the Koalacorn, Pudding Pop the Hippocorn and four other friends are ready to meet you in the Rainbocorns Talkin' Jelly Shake Surprise. They can talk and giggle, they smell incredible and even come with jelly-tastic jewellery, charms and beads to make your own sparkly creations.

Spirit Untamed
Spirit Untamed Stable Sweeties Playset.

23. Spirit Untamed Stable Sweeties Playset - Horse fans, get ready for a Spirit Untamed adventure! The Spirit Untamed Stable Sweeties Playset gives you the chance to care for and feed horses with fun storytelling pieces. The playset includes one horse with a long beautiful mane and moveable head for nuzzling moments, a foal horse, a colourful horse blanket and other food and grooming accessories

24. Dino Ranch Feature Vehicle (Assorted) - Howdy partners! Collect all three of your favourite Dino Ranch Vehicles this Christmas. Min & Clover with attached Care Cart, Jon & Blitz with attached Chariot, and Miguel & Tango with attached Tow Rig are all available and ready for an adventure! 


LEGO Jurrasic World
LEGO and Jurrasic World unite with the LEGO® Jurassic World™ Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape.

LEGO is of course high on the list of best Christmas gifts for kids 2021 with Jurrasic World once again the hot ticket item for little boys and girls. Here are all the top LEGO items all the kids will be desperately hoping to see under the Christmas tree this year. 

25. LEGO® Jurassic World™ Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape

26. LEGO® Jurassic World™ Velociraptor: Biplane Rescue Mission

27. LEGO NINJAGO range

28. LEGO DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler

29. LEGO Friends Heartlake City Hospital

Creative Toys & Imaginative Play

If you've got little ones who can't seem to sit still, put those fidgety hands and active brains to good use with a creative Christmas gift. These Christmas gifts for kids are all about showing kids that your brain can actually be used as your tool for creating your own fun. And for those kids whose imaginations are always running wild, these imaginative play Christmas gifts will keep them active and intrigued for hours.

Creative Gifts For Arty Kids From MCA Store
Get your Christmas shopping all wrapped up at the MCA Store!

30. MCA Store - Get creative gifts for arty kids from MCA Store this Christmas! They have one of the coolest ranges of fun, unique products by Australian and international artists and designers including boredom-busting cards, games, puzzles, books, craft kits, collectables and much more.

31. Kids Circle Craft Kits - Why not save a little money when shopping for Christmas gifts for kids this year? You can use your Service NSW Creative Kids Voucher to get them delivered to your home for FREE! PLUS Kids Circle have brand-new Craft Kits with a beautiful range of materials to create Craft Projects this Christmas!

Kids Circle
Make this year a crafty Christmas with Kids Circle. Image: supplied.

32. VTech Marble Rush Launch Pad - Get ready for a far-out journey into outer space with this exciting colour-coded playset that lets you create a space-themed Marble Rush voyage full of jumps, stunts and even an electronic spaceship!

VTech Marble Rush Launch Pad
VTech Marble Rush Launch Pad.

33. Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Marvelous Market - The Minnie Mouse Market has everything little ones need to open up their own shop, Minnie Mouse-style!

34. VTech Toot-Toot Friends 2-in-1 Dinosaur Park - And for more dinosaur action, get ready for a dinosaur adventure with this truck that opens up into an amazing dinosaur park!

35. Hape Wooden Doll Family Mansion - They don't call it the mansion for no reason! The Hape Wooden Doll Family Mansion is ginormous and includes a master bedroom, children’s room, living room, bathroom, two balconies, dining room, kitchen, hallway, garage, a garden area, swimming pool, four dolls, seven doll furniture sets, PLUS working lights and a working doorbell - wow!

Hape Doll House
Girls and boys can enjoy hours of imaginative play with the Hape Wooden Doll Family Mansion.

36. Monster Mash-up Colouring Set 

37. Remote Control Mega Crane Set


Remote Control Mega Crane
Kids can master the art of building with the Remote Control Mega Crane.

38. Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Picture Perfect Camera - Get snap-happy like Minnie herself with the Picture Perfect Camera that comes in the shape of Minnie's signature bow!

Minnie Mouse camera
How adorable is this Minnie Mouse bow camera?!

39. Blue’s Clues & You! 2-Sided Handy Dandy Notebook - Create real-life Blue's Clues games with the adorable Handy Dandy Notebook that's just like the one Josh uses in the show!

40. Barbie Purse Makeup Case - Check out Barbie's makeup case that features nine fantasy-themed makeup accessories for the makeup-obsessed gal on the go.

VTech Puppy Salon
VTech Play And Go Puppy Salon.

41. VTech Play And Go Puppy Salon - For kids who love to style their pets (real-life or imaginary!), this puppy salon has everything you need to give your furry friends a real makeover.

Barbie Rockstar Guitar
Barbie Rock Star Guitar.

42. Barbie Rock Star Guitar - Little pop stars can put on their very own concert with the Barbie Rock Star Guitar that includes built-in music and a microphone.

43. VTech Toot-Toot Cory Carson Playmat -  Little ones will have loads of fun driving around while developing their imagination visiting the exciting Bumperton Hills.

44. Hape Deluxe Kitchen with Fan Stove - Calling all the little cooks in the family! This spacious kitchen playset has everything they need to create the perfect meal or baked treat for the family, including a light-up stovetop that makes bubbling sounds, a microwave, oven, cupboards and cooking utensils and accessories. 

Dinosaur Track
Now that's a dinosaur track! Check out the BrightRise Dinosaur Track.

45. BrightRise Dinosaur Track

46. Fun Fossils Kit 

Electronic Toys

Some Christmas gifts for the older kids or tweens, check out what electronic toys and gadgets are hot Christmas gifts for kids for 2021. 

Cocomelon laptop
The CoComelon Laptop is one of the hottest Christmas toys for 2021!

47. CoComelon Sing & Learn Laptop

48. Nintendo Switch Portable Gaming Console

49. VTech Secret Safe Diary Light Show - School-aged kids keen to keep all their secrets safe can do so with the Secret Safe Diary Light show, which features a large 2.4-inch colour screen that's great for writing diary entries and playing games. Unlock the diary using the amazing face recognition technology or create your own password.

50. JBL Kids Wireless Headphones

51. VTech KidiGo Basketball - Because normal basketball hoops are so boring! This digital basketball hoop features a digital scoreboard to take your basketball game to a whole new level.

Christmas gifts for kids
Score some major goals with the KidiGo digital basketball hoop.

52. Garmin Vivofit Junior 2

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