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Big news craft lovers: The NSW government has announced some changes to their Creative Kids initiative and your $100 vouchers will no longer be redeemable for at-home kits and online tutorials after December 31st, 2021.

That means you only have 5 weeks left to claim your Creative Kids vouchers to get kids art and craft kits delivered to your door before they expire.

Splash On Peel has a huge range of creative kits and art supplies designed especially for kids. Their awesome Mega Kits are packed with colourful goodies to inspire artistic expression and learn new skills.

Created with all little artists in mind, Splash On Peel have sourced everything from oversized brushes and child-safe paints to tie-dye and metallic watercolours to engage young creatives for hours on end.

Get a FREE Mega Kit And Tutorials With Your Creative Kids Voucher

Every Mega Kit is priced at $100 but you can get one FREE when you use your Creative Kids voucher! A new Mega Kit is released every month and you can choose kits from previous months kits so there is always something different on offer.

Each Mega Kit includes exclusive FREE access to an online portal of over 100 fun step-by-step tutorials created by artists for your child to follow and learn. There is also a collection of excellent fact sheets to help with everything from composition to colour mixing, plus the artists are also on hand to answer all your questions so every child can thrive on their artistic journey.

These incredible packs are full of arty, crafty fun that kids can explore over the summer holidays. Here are some of the best Creative Kits from Splash On Peel.

Kids Creative Art Kits For The School Holidays

December Mega Bundle Kit

Splash on Peel December Mega Bundle Creative Kids Kits For A Crafty Christmas
The December Mega Bundle Kit from Splash on Peel

The December Mega Bundle Kit is ideal for crafty kids that love to get their hands dirty! Full of Air Dry and Modeling Clays plus tools, moulds, paint, brushes, a palette, markers, a visual diary, and more, they can create their own sculptural masterpieces.

Mega Paint Kit

If you have a mini Michelangelo or Monet at home then the Mega Paint Kit is for them! For those that love expressing themselves by applying brushstrokes to canvas, this kit is full of watercolour and acrylic paint sets, a watercolour book, watercolour and acrylic brush packs, a canvas pad, a sketch pad, a canvas panel, pencils and more.

Mega Fabric Paint & Tie-Dye Kit

Splash on Peel Tie Dye Set
Kids can create their own unique tie-dye totes.

Tie-Dye is all the rage in tween circles at the moment (believe me, I have one!) so this Mega Fabric Paint & Tie-Dye Kit is a cracker for older kids. With a Fabric Paint Set, Fabric Markers, Fabric Paint Sticks, Tie Dye Paints and all the tools they’ll need, they can create their own unique designs on four cotton tote bags. So cool!

Mega Sketch Kit

One for the passionate drawer, the Mega Sketch Kit has a range of mediums for kids to get their hands on! With a Visual Art Diary to collate their illustrations and chart their development, the kit also includes a Charcoal Sketch & Draw Pack, Colour Pencils, Skin Tone Pencils, Watercolour Pencils, a Watercolour Brush Pack, Soft Pastels, Oil Pastels Pack and Pastel & Charcoal Blenders.

September Mega Bundle Kit

Splash on Peel September Mega Bundle Kit
The Splash on Peel September Mega Bundle Kit is bursting with bright goodies for budding artists.

The impressive September Mega Bundle Kit stands out with its vibrant materials inspired by spring. This kit is overflowing with modelling clay, play dough, watercolour paints, painting and drawing pads, sidewalk chalk and games, magic colour change markers, felt tip markers, crayons, scented glitter glue, Tempera paints, jumbo fluoro Pencils and more. For the crafty kid who just can’t get enough, this is an epic gift for stocking up the supply cupboard.

See the full range of Mega Kits at Splash on Peel. Order now to redeem your Creative Kids vouchers before they expire!

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