Six of the Best Pizza Places in Melbourne

Melburnians love their food, which is probably why the city is positively brimming with culinary delights. And when it comes to Pizza, Melbourne is totally on point. Here are six of the best places in and around central Melbourne for unforgettable pizza – crispy crusts and all.

1. 400 Gradi

Located in Lygon St, Brunswick, 400 Gradi is making some major waves in the pizza world.

Johnny Di Francesco heads up 400 Gradi, and comes from a traditional Italian family. He is also the first Australian to be trained to the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana VPN rules in Naples – so it’s little wonder his pizzas are some of Melbourne’s best.

The menu is a celebration of Italian cuisine, and includes mouth watering antipasti, pastas and sliced meats. But, at 400 Gradi, it’s really the traditional pizza that is the star of the show.  Do yourself a favour, order Melbourne’s favourite Margherita.

400 Gradi also holds kids’ master classes for $45 per child. Check out the website for more details.
Where: 99 Lygon St, East Brunswick
Cost: Pizzas range from $18 – $29 each
More info: see the website

400 Gradi Melbourne Source: 400 Gradi Facebook Page

2. D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar

D.O.C really is a story of evolution – and big success. What started out as a simple Melbourne pizzeria in the 90s has grown into a thriving chain of coffee bars, delis and pizza restaurants that Melburnians adore.

At D.O.C you get authentic, artisan-style pizza, topped with fresh antipasto ingredients. The Pizza and Mozzarella restaurants are contemporary, family-friendly – and they smell like heaven!
Where: 135 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, 295 Drummond St Carlton and 22 Main St Mornington
Cost: Pizzas range from $16 to $25
More info: see the website

3. +39 Pizzeria

Many people call this the best pizza in Melbourne, and while there’s always a little debate on this topic, +39 Pizzeria is definitely right up there, with it already having taken out The Age Epicure’s prestigious award for Best Pizza in Melbourne in 2010.

With a focus on exquisite, fresh produce and authentic Italian cuisine, +39’s pizza menu is, quite frankly, irresistible – for kids and adults alike.

+39 restaurants are inviting, bustling and contemporary; these are restaurants to sit a while longer – and maybe order another pizza for you and the kids to share.

And if you’re wondering what the +39 means, it’s the international country code for dialling Italy.
Where: 362 Little Bourke St, Melbourne and 517 Malvern Rd, Toorak
Cost: Pizzas range from $18 to $27
More info: see the website

Source: +39 Pizzeria Melbourne

4. SPQR Pizza

For authentic Italian, sourdough pizza in the heart of Melbourne, this is your place. And the point of difference here is that you can buy some of the pizzas by the slice – a major game changer when it comes to families comprised of completely different palates.

At SPQR, pizzas are divided into Red and White categories, catering to tomato lovers and haters, which could also work in many parents’ favour.

Every pizza is cooked in a custom-made wood-fire oven out the back for a spectacularly crispy, blistering crust that knocks it out of the park.

Have you figured out what SPQR stands for yet? It is an acronym for Senatus Populusque Romanus, or ‘Senate and the People of Rome.’ That means it’s kind of serious.
Where: 26 Liverpool St, Melbourne
Cost: Individual slices $5, whole pizzas range from $18 to $25
More info: see the website

Source: SPQR Facebook

5. Pinocchios Pizza

At Pinocchios Pizza, some of the best in town, you get simple, tasty, rustic pizza – cooked the good ‘ol Italian way: with love. And if you happen to have a large family, or a small family with a large appetite, this is the pizza joint you need, because at Pinocchio’s you can by pizza by the metre. Yep, you heard us.

Separated into tomato and non-tomato bases, the menu is extensive, and will satisfy any pizza-crazed foodie, whether five years old or 95.
Where: Beaumaris, South Yarra and Kew
Cost: Regular pizzas $22 – $25, half-metre $52 – $57 and whole-metre $95 – $99
More info: see the website

6. Ladro Tap

Ladro Tap is so called because it not only a hub for sensational wood-oven pizza, but beer. But, let’s face it, with a menu like they’ve got, and at great prices, it’s all about the pizza really.

Ladro throws a creative spin on their titles and flavour combinations, which makes it a fun gastronomic outing for the family, and one that is guaranteed to ignite those taste buds. Plus, you can pimp your pizza with loads of extras like chilli, capers and truffle oil. Mmm, truffle.

Ladro Tap get a hats-off from us for its sustainable philosophy when it comes to kitchen waste; they recycle 100 per cent of their organic waste. (You can even buy it for $2 a bag if the kids want to start a compost project.)
Where: Greville St, Prahran
Cost: pizzas range from $9 to $20
More info: see the website

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