Six of the Best Ballet Classes for Kids in Melbourne

By: Stacey Roberts, ellaslist

Ah when the pitter patter of little feet turn into the twinkle toes of little dancers, it’s a milestone moment. Everywhere in Melbourne has fantastic ballet programs for kids, and quite a few can nurture your future ballerina right up to profesional level.

Six of the Best Ballet Classes for Kids in Melbourne | Dance World Studios

1. Dance World Studios

The folk at Dance World Studios are super-serious and super-passionate about incredible dance, and offer ballet classes for juniors 3-7 on Thursdays and Saturdays so they can foster an appreciation and interest in dance and music.

The distinguished and highly qualified teachers have more than 25 years experience in dance and entertainment, and take pride int he high standard of training offered.

“Students are encouraged to explore their talents under the instruction of qualified industry professionals whose experience in a variety of dance and performing arts styles is second to none.” – Dance World Studios


2. Melbourne School of Classical Dance

Melbourne’s leading inner-city ballet school in Fitzroy has classes for Tiny Tots (ages 3-4), Ballet Play (ages 5-6), Prepatory 1 (ages 6-7), Prepatory 2 (ages 7-8), Prepatory 3 (ages 8-9) and classes for tweens and teens.

For the smallest ballerinas to be, the classes focus on the foundations of dance, drawing on elements of ballet and gymnastics to get them familiar with the basics. Ballet Play expands on these rudimentals and also incorporates performance in the annual recital. For ages 6 and up, the dancers focus on strengthening both muscles and mind, improving concentration and co-ordination through floor-barre and centre exercises.

3. Dance Factory

Set aside your Saturdays for your under 10s to learn ballet with popular teacher Claire Stevenson. Whether your young ones want to dance as a hobby or to take it further, Dance Factory can help them dance their dreams – they’ve been known to train some of the best dancers in Melbourne. When owner Dulcie Lee started the school back in the 80s, her goal was to establish a studio that allowed students to focus full time on their performance skills before heading out into the professional world, and it has certainly succeeded.

4. DanceArts United

DanceArts in Brunswick holds junior ballet classes for ages 3 to 14, aiming to create unique and and interesting performers, focusing on their individual strengths and talents. The children learn in an environment that is artistic and safe, and where they are encouraged to feel confident and challenged at their ability level.

5. St Kilda Ballet School

The Bluebird Ballet program for children aged 3-4 at the St Kilda Ballet School is created to teach the youngest dancers the fundamentals of ballet with themes, props and musical instruments that help to keep the children’s attention. From ages 5 onwards, the classes focus on the Graded System of the Royal Academy of Dance to help train proper ballet technique.

All classes follow the overall aims of the school, which are to provide an inspiring learning environment where children are encouraged to find their love of dance in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

6. Kew School of Dance

“Learning through dance” is the Kew School of Dance motto, and it’s one they strive to incorporate into every lesson. The school follows the Angelina Ballerina curriculum for the preschool dance classes (ages 3-6), which focus on creative and fun activities to help little ones understand the foundations of ballet.


“The teachers understand that every child develops at a different rate and that the period between 0-7 years is critical for cognitive, neural, motor, socio-emotional and language development. Dance is the ideal activity to encourage brain development and the Angelina Ballerina Dance curriculum has been designed to support students’ development during this important time.” – Kew School of Dance

PS: Angelina herself usually makes a yearly appearance at the studio!


Have you found somewhere you just love for junior ballet classes?




Fernanda Alberici

Mar 01 2018

It would be great if there was a link to each of the schools mentioned about, so we could click through, and also their location.