Six Last Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids

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Pumpkins are on the doorstep, lolly bags are stocked….now what about a costume? No time to hit the costume shops? Here are some easy Halloween costumes for kids that you can put together the night before.

1. Little Red Riding Hood

Aside from the distinctive red hood, the rest is up for interpretation and imagination. The simplest way to go about the costume is to wear jeans, a white shirt, have a basket ready and of course the hood! For the hood, take a red jumper with a hood and cut away the sleeves. Maybe even take the dog as the wolf?

  • Basket

  • Jeans

  • White Shirt

  • Red Jumper

2. Witch

Witches come in various sizes and fashion sensibilities. But for the classic look, find a black dress and some stockings (colourful and stripey ones are best). Feel free to shred the bottom of the dress if you want to be creative, and a witches hat can easily be made with paper or cardboard. If you’re not keen on making one, then almost every dollar store is selling witch’s accessories. To add the final touch, grab a broom and maybe a toy cat!

  • Black Dress

  • Stockings

  • Hat

  • Broom

  • Toy Cat

3. Mummy/Zombie

If you don’t mind wasting a ton of toilet paper or bandages then this is an easy one. Wear black jeans and a shirt, and then let the kids go crazy wrapping each other up. Make sure they don’t wrap their arms and legs together – they still need to be able to walk around! For the zombie look, you can rip  the black shirt and jeans. The bandages can go around your head.

  • Black Jeans and Shirt

  • Bandages or Toilet Paper

costume trio

Source: Little Red Riding Hood via girl.Inspired /Witch via thrive.

4. Superman and Supergirl

Don’t worry about the capes – dress up as Superman and Supergirl when they’re undercover! All you need are pants/skirt and a white buttoned shirt. Beneath the white shirt have a blue shirt with a handmade red and yellow S. You can do the S on cardboard or paper and stick it on the shirt or even better, get creative and paint it on.

  • Pants

  • White Button Shirt

  • Blue Shirt

5. Dracula

Dress up as the most famous vampire of all! Find black jeans and a white shirt and vest. If you have red ribbons or an old red shirt that you can cut, then tie it around the waist. For a special touch, paint your face white and add some vampire teeth which you can find at every dollar store.

  • Black Jeans

  • White Shirt

  • Vest

  • Red Ribbons/Shirt

  • White Face Paint

  • Vampire Teeth

6. Fairy

Have a tutu lying around? Good – then let’s add a little fairy magic. Find a coloured shirt that matches the tutu and voila! To add a special touch, make your own fairy wings and wand out of cardboard. Or just head to a dollar store for wings and a wand.

  • Tutu

  • Shirt

costume trio 2

Source: Clark Kent via funonadime

Two Easy Dress-Up Ideas For Mums and Dads

Now that the kids are dressed and ready to go, here are two bonus costume ideas for parents!

Bank Robbers

If you have a stripey black and white shirt then put it on! Match it with black jeans and an eye mask which you can make out of old clothes or cardboard and string. Don’t forget to bring a simple bag with a dollar sign on it. You can easily cut out a dollar sign or paint it on.

  • Striped Shirt

  • Black Jeans

  • Mask

  • Bag

The Blues Brothers

Take out that suit that’s been gathering dust in the cupboard and don a hat with some snazzy glasses. You could even dress your kid to match!

  • Black Pants

  • White Shirt

  • Black Tie

  • Black Hat

  • Black Glasses

  • Attitude

parent trio 2

Source: Robbers via jenloveskev Flickr

Feeling Creative? Check Out This Awesome Halloween Costume Inspiration

1. Carl and Russell from Disney’s Up!

Source: Bored Panda

2. For Game Of Thrones Lovers: Daenerys, Dragon Mother
dragon mother

Source: ElShanko/Reddit

3. One For The Whole Family: Bees, Hive and the Beekeeper!
beekeeper family

Source: Vanessa/Costume Works

4. E.T And Elliot

Source: Sylvia/Costume Works

5. Rapunzel In Her Tower



Source: Megan/Costume Works

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