Sculpture by the Sea 2018: ellaslist Picks The Best Of The Bondi Bunch

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

It's back and it's more photogenic than ever! After a muddy start to production, the artists got to work erecting their dazzling sculptures and like many of you, we couldn't wait to see what would be on display in the world's largest outdoor sculpture exhibition. We won't let the unpredictable October Sydney rain on our parade, as they say, the show must go on! 

So, armed with our sturdy gumboots, we got down to Marks Park in Bondi for the media preview and let me tell you, even in the gloomy weather, the artwork shines bright. Here are our top picks for 2018 that you and the kids are going to love. 

Most Instagrammable By The Sea

Horizon by Beijing artist My Boyan is a three-metre-tall Buddha like figure that the kids will adore.

Prepare to see it all over your feed, but if you want to see it in the 'flesh' you can find it at the South Bondi headland at Marks Park.

Most 'Take My Photo With This, Mum'

This cheeky little guy is in prime position at South Bondi. We just love Niemand by Viktor Freso and we think your kids will want to get up close and personal with him too. Or give him a jumper to wear... depends on how chilly it is... 

Most I Want To Touch But Can't

Yes, kids, we want to run our fingers through this like a guitar too, but no. Hands off Rhiannon West's Flight. Photos only, okay. And get off those rocks, kids. 

Most I Want To Climb But Can't

Part climbing frame, part washing line, this one screams to be scaled, but alas Rebecca Rose's Sea Scene is quite inaccessible. To little climbers and to towel-drying beach goers. 

Most Aussie

Artist Wendy Teakel has created a large cross structure made of fencing wire, steel, sheepskins and sandbags to symbolise Australia’s agricultural heritage. Very poignant in these drought-stricken times. 

Most Likely To Get Knocked Over By Sydney Weather

The very cool, but not very sturdy is Damien Hirst's inflatable sculpture, Looking for Sharks. Remember the destruction caused by huge waves at Tamarama in 2016? We hope this one has a 'wet weather plan'. 

Our Tips


  • Not all of the sculptures are up yet (around 25% still need to be displayed) so if you want to see everything, wait until next week.
  • Let's be honest, Marks Park is a mud-bath so maybe give it a few days to dry out. If you must go quickly then wear your gumboots!
  • If you're planning on taking the kids this year, please read our Sculpture by the Sea With Kids Survival Guide!

The Details

Where:  Bondi to Tamarama Coastal Walk, Sydney
When:   Thursday 18 October – Sunday 4 November 2018
Cost:     Free

For more information, visit the website. 

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