Salad Servers: Healthy Family Dinners From Farm To Table

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Now that we are heading into the cooler months, there really is nothing better than having hearty comfort meals ready at dinner time. Trying to organise what to cook each night is hard when your social calendar is full each week, and sadly it’s my children’s, not mine! I realised I needed to plan ahead to keep afloat.

Being a mum of three young boys means soccer training two nights a week, tennis lessons and swimming lessons. When I am juggling sport and homework it leaves little time for anything else and I accepted that I need some routine - and a little help.

I decided to test out some healthy home-cooked delivered meals from Salad Servers Direct to make the evening meal time a lot easier on the nights when we are getting home late and my hangry boys want dinner straight away.

What Is Salad Servers?

Salad Servers: Healthy Family Dinners From Farm To Table
Salad Servers Direct delivers delicious, creative meals and salads to your door!

Family-owned and operated since 1979, Salad Servers is now one of Australia’s leading food producers with a  state-of-the-art facility right here in Sydney. They work with local farmers and providores to source the highest quality produce and ingredients so it is super fresh from farm to table.

With an extensive range that includes curries, stir fry kits, pasta, risottos, lasagne, bakes, soups and, of course, salads, the Salad Servers mission is to serve up healthy, nutritious family meals that are a cinch for parents to prepare. I put that promise to the test!

Dinner Delivered

 Salad Servers family meals delivered
From hangry to happy with home-style Lasagna! Fast, family meals are a breeze with Salad Servers Direct.

The Salad Servers meals arrived neatly packed in a box with ice cooler packs, with most of the meals freezable. This is extremely helpful as I could place some in the fridge and then store away some other meals that I could defrost later on.

I ordered classic meals that I have tried and tested on my boys that I know they will love at dinner time, including chicken vegetable soup, pumpkin soup, butter chicken and bosciola pasta. We also ordered fail-proof lasagne and potato bake. 

These meals were so easy to prepare, with both oven and microwave options depending on how much time you have to prepare dinner for the family.

Failsafe Family Meals

Salad Servers Mac & Cheese
Everyone loves Mac & Cheese - even when it's packed with hidden veggies!

My boys don’t make life easy for me, with each of them having different food tastes and rarely wanting the same thing.  When I served up the large-sized lasagne for dinner after a busy day of daycare and school I was greeted with big smiles and told that it smelled “just like Grandma’s”, and that it tasted just as good which is a big deal when it comes to my mother's famous lasagne!

Alistair, my two-year-old really enjoyed the Mac & Cheese with hidden veggies. He is at the stage of turning his nose up at food and refusing to eat food that he usually loves. I was waiting for him to tell me his usual “noooo mummy” when I served the bowl to him, but he took the spoon and happily started feeding himself. I could tell he really enjoyed it as he finished the bowl which was a big win as I managed to get some veggies into him and he didn’t even know it.

Something For Everyone

Salad Servers Pumpkin Soup
The winter warming Pumpkin Soup from Salad Servers is the perfect crowd-pleaser.

My older boys have always been soup lovers. Atticus loved his favourite Chicken and Vegetable soup, and August, whose favourite soup has always been Pumpkin asked for a second bowl! 

My husband and I really enjoyed the meals too. I ordered a power bowl - Bangin’ Chicken - which ended up being a perfect healthy and light lunch option for me on the weekend when I was on the go rushing between soccer games. We actually realised they sell these bowls at our local grocer so we will definitely be popping in during the week to grab some more as they are so handy for work lunches and quick healthy snacks that are ready to eat.

Save Time, Money - And Your Sanity!

If you need to cut some corners in your life during the week and get some much-needed help without having to compromise on the quality and health of family meals, I highly recommend you trying Salad Servers. 

Look out for Salad Servers at your local Woolworths, IGA, Costco or independent grocer. You can also order from their full menu and get super easy home delivery with Salad Servers Direct. Delivery is available to metro, regional and southwest Sydney plus Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong, Melbourne Metro, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Brisbane metro, Gold Coast and Canberra.

ellaslist readers are lucky to receive 20% off their Salad Servers Direct online order with discount code ELLASLIST. There is a $50 minimum spend per order with free delivery. Limit to one use per customer.


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