Safe and Stylish Splashing Is Here With BabyLove Swim Pants

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As a family that lives for beach days, ocean swims and the odd swimming pool trip here and there, it’s safe to say that confidence in my daughter’s swimming pants situation is a must. Do I want something that’s going to make her uncomfortable the second it gets wet? Of course not. Do I want something that’s flimsy and not a snug fit, where I’m going to worry about leaking and all of the palaver that would come with that? Hell no! 

Enter, BabyLove Swim Pants—the perfect solution for days at the beach, swimming lessons or even a balcony paddling pool situation. Here’s why these Swim Pants are a mainstay in my beach bag (along with snacks, snacks and more snacks because #mumlife), and a must-have for a carefree summer.

Designed For Water

Baby Love Swim Pants
Multiple dips later, and still as happy and as comfortable as can be!


Sounds obvious, but when I say that BabyLove Swim Pants are designed for water, I mean they’re really designed for water. As in, after a full morning of beaching and swimming and getting in and out of the water approximately three hundred times (toddler parenting is so relaxing), they were not even remotely swollen. My little lady was comfortable enough playing in the same nappy for a good couple of hours, and it wasn’t sagging around her ankles by the time we took it off, either. A true bonus!

Considered Convenience

Baby Love Swim Pants
These swim pants will be a mainstay of every parent's beach bag this summer!


With a unique 360-degree soft and stretchy waistband, the Swim Pants are super straight forward to use, with easily tearable side seams for when it’s time to take them off. They provide a super snug and comfortable fit, meaning she was free to focus on her many tasks at hand (sandcastle destruction, snack eating and plenty of paddling.)

Fashion Meets Function

Baby Love Swim Pants
Total comfort in their nappy means much more time, energy and effort for exploring!


Now I wouldn’t say I’m all about the aesthetics of kids clothes (although I love an adorable outfit as much as the next Mumma), ultimately, I want whatever I dress my girl in to be seriously cute and as practical and functional as possible.

The BabyLove Swim Pants really tick these boxes, thanks to the bold, colourful (and unisex!) designs that are synonymous with an Aussie summer. I love that she can wear them either under swimmers or with just a rashie on top (or with nothing on top after capering free mid-change, as pictured above. Toddlers, eh?).

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