Easy Origami for Kids

  • Preschoolers

From sharks to rocketships, flowers, helicopters and even moveable eyes, there's just about anything you can create with origami. 

The ancient art of paper folding has been around for centuries (you probably remember trying to master it at school), and, aside from getting those creative juices flowing, is one of the easiest ways to keep bored kids from jumping off the walls.

If you're looking for some indoor inspiration to keep the kids happily occupied, we've got 10 easy origami for kids creations to blow their socks off. Let the folding fun begin!

1. Easy Origami Butterfly

Grab as many different coloured pieces of paper as you can find and let the fluttering folding commence!

2. Easy Origami Rabbit

You may as well start practising for Easter with this easy origami for kids rabbit creations.

3. Origami Pikachu from Pokemon

If you've got a crazed Pokemon fan in the family, get crafty and create their favourite Pokemon origami characters, starting with Pikachu.

4. Origami Boxes

If you've got a birthday party coming up and need some boxes for party favours, why not put your origami skills to the test and kill two birds with one stone? Creating origami boxes is a super easy origami for kids activity and you can get as colourful and creative as you like with your designs.

5. Origami Crane

You can't complete a list of easy origami for kids without including the original paper-folding creation, the origami Crane. Also referred to as the Orizuru, the Origami Crane represents the Japanese red-crowned Crane, which is believed to carry souls up to paradise on its wings. 

6. Origami Bookmarks

If your little ones love animals, they're going to love creating these fun origami bookmarks. And while you've got the paper out, why not let them make some for their friends!

7. Origami Boat

For kids who love boats (or anything that floats!), Art for Kids Hub have a great tutorial on a very easy origami boat creation - ahoy matey!

8. Origami Parakeet

Another easy origami for kids creation, use this Art for Kids Hub video to see how you can create your very own origami parakeet!

9. Tulips with Stems

For all the little ones who love flowers, this easy origami for kids tutorial shows you how to make whole tulips along with their stems, and the best part is that these flowers won't wither away after a few days.

10. Transforming Ninja Star

The last easy origami for kids on the list is definitely the coolest! The transforming ninja star is the must-have accessory for all little ninja warriors - just wait until they discover that it's actually two stars in one!

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