NSW Has Announced a New Kids ❛Friends Bubble❜

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NSW Government announced on Tuesday that playdates are officially back on.

The state government signed off on the introduction of the 'friends bubble' on Monday 20 September, allowing children under the age of 18 to meet up in groups of three.

Kicking off at noon on Tuesday 21 September, parents can drop kids off at their friend's home - offering much-needed relief from lockdown. 

How does the NSW 'friends bubble' work? 

While it's a welcomed easing of restrictions for NSW kids, the 'friends bubble' does come with strict rules.

Children must stick to their group of three friends and can’t change their minds about which friends they are visiting.

Everyone in the bubble must live within five kilometres of each other or in the same LGA.

And the top rule is that all adults in each kids’ household must be fully vaccinated.

Parents have also been warned that they are not allowed to interact when dropping their kids off at each other’s homes.

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freinds bubble nsw
The NSW 'friends bubble' launches on Tuesday 21 September. 

When does the 'friends bubble' start? 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced that from 12pm AEST on Tuesday 21 September, children in NSW can meet with their friends. 

It comes as the state premier admitted the new measure was the direct result of our “strong vaccination rate”.

“Parents and children have had a difficult few months, trying to balance work, often from home, as well as homeschooling,” she said.

“This change will hopefully make a big difference for families during the school holidays and allow young children and teenagers to catch up and reconnect with their friends.”

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