Northside Montessori School: An Authentic Montessori Education From Preschool to Secondary

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Established over a century ago as a hands-on, experiential alternative to traditional education models, the unique Montessori philosophy has long been lauded for its non-conventional, child-led approach.

Implemented in over 110 countries around the world, it offers an exceptional mode of learning that differs from conventional mainstream schools, inspiring children to delve deeper into concepts and remain constantly curious about the people and the world around them.

Honing the individual needs and interests of each student, Montessori schools offer a flexible curriculum that encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning and develop practical life skills including independence and self-reliance.

This holistic, individualised approach values social and emotional intelligence, and practical and creative development, as highly as academic knowledge, and is celebrated for producing well-rounded, self-sufficient children with a lifetime love of learning that goes way beyond the school gates.

Northside Montessori School
The Montessori method supports the development of the whole human being. 

Northside Montessori School

The Only Authentic Montessori Secondary Program in Sydney

Northside Montessori School has been offering quality preschool and primary school education in northern Sydney for over four decades, based on the progressive, authentic Montessori philosophy. Formal schooling starts at just 3 years old and their mission is to develop the whole child, instill a deep sense of wonder, and help foster the confidence for them to independently and collaboratively explore their environment.

The Montessori ‘adolescent’ program is well established in other states across Australia, and across the globe, however, the program is very limited in NSW. Recognising this gap, Northside has achieved an extraordinary milestone, implementing a Montessori Secondary program in 2022.

Commencing with Year 7 enrolments last year and growing year by year, Northside has the only authentic Montessori Secondary program in Sydney. They offer a continuous, streamlined Montessori education from preschool all the way through to high school, giving families the means to continue the Montessori method throughout their schooling life.

Northside Montessori School
The unique Montessori approach inspires children to foster a love of learning.

Despite this evolution, Northside is fundamentally a community-based school and embraces the small-school community feel. The school welcomed six Year 7 students in 2022 (now in Year 8) and nine Year 7 students this year. With their current enrolments, and providing 8-12 places per year in the secondary program over the coming years, with years 9, 10, 11 & 12 being added gradually, their aim is to maintain that coveted intimacy and closeness.

In the coming years, Northside will also commence construction on new buildings designated for their Primary School students, freeing up current spaces to grow their secondary program.

Take A Look Inside Northside Montessori School

At Northside Montessori School, individualised learning occurs in mixed-age classes, another unique differentiator of the Montessori approach. In this nurturing environment, everyday learning includes collaborative work and hands-on experiences based on the child’s personal developmental stage. It also enriches their understanding due to the ability to connect with a variety of different people and ideas in diverse situations and contexts.

Northside Montessori School
Northside Montessori offers an outstanding education in a vibrant community from preschool to secondary school.

A Northside Montessori classroom is a secure and peaceful environment with an abundance of resources that encourage learners to explore their own ideas and imaginations. Their approach is designed to create independent, resilient thinkers, developing their entrepreneurial potential as a foundation for future success. Important life skills including self-esteem, tolerance, creativity, acceptance, respect and compassion are also woven into the fabric of their philosophy. 

Harnessing the innate curiosity and creativity of children, and cultivating their natural desire to learn, the Montessori approach is not just about acquiring knowledge - it is an attitude to learning as a part of life itself. 

Book a tour at Northside and learn more about the opportunity that awaits your child.

Northside Montessori School
42 Bobbin Head Rd, Pymble NSW 2073
9144 2835

Enrolment places are limited - apply to enrol now.

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