Newly Upgraded Fitzpatrick Park Playground

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Hey there mamas, papas, mini-mes, grandparents and yes, even Rover (though, quick heads up, your furry friend will need to stick to the park and avoid the playground itself)! It's time to strap in because Fitzpatrick Park Playground's facelift is finally here and oh boy, it's so good, it’ll make you wish you were a kid again!

A Playground Straight Out of a Kiddo's Dream

The Ups and Downs (Mostly Ups!)

You know how we're always schlepping our kids from park to park, looking for that mythical "perfect" playground that will keep them entertained for more than ten minutes? Well, grab your coffees and picnic blankets because our quest might just be over.

The sprucing up at Fitzpatrick Park Playground isn't just any old revamp. Think shiny new pavement, fresh playground equipment, the kind of rubber softfall that makes you wish you could dive face-first into it without weird looks from other parents, and of course, that brand spanking new fencing for when your little Houdini thinks it’s time for an unscheduled sprint.

Ready to Play?

Swings that’ll make your munchkins feel like they're flying, slides slicker than their sneaky bedtime-dodging tactics, and climbing frames designed to tire out the Energizer bunnies masquerading as our children – you name it, this playground's got it. And for us, weary parents, enough diversions for the kids so we can sneak in a bit of ‘me-time’. A scroll through Insta, anyone? Or a page or two of that book that’s gathering dust?

What’s more? Some strategically placed picnic tables for when your kiddos have had their fill of playing and need a snack stat, a drinking fountain because hydration is key, folks! And the cherry on top? Fresh greenery and beautiful new shrubs to brighten up the place! Parents, welcome to your new haven; kiddos, your wonderland awaits.

Fitzpatrick Park Playground
Is there anything better than a gated playground?

More Adventure Beckons

All Played Out?

After your kiddos are done swinging, sliding, and climbing, there’s more to see and do around the area. Stroll around, enjoy the outdoors, have a chat with your littlies about the birds and flowers, or just sit back and soak up the sun while the laughter of your offspring is the only soundtrack you need. Trust us, both Fitzpatrick Park and Kensington park are worth a gander.

Not Ready to Head Home Yet?

Then keep the playground crawl going! Start at the picturesque Ingram Street Reserve Playground, pop over to the thrilling John Calopedos Memorial Playground, then let them burn off the rest of their energy at the nature-infused Kokoda Park Playground. Chill out at the shady Les Bridges Playground and if your little adventurers aren't pooped out yet, Raleigh Park Playground and Wills Reserve Playground are just a stone's throw away, each boasting unique and amazing play structures for endless fun. As local dad Ben said, "It's like a playground safari and every stop is a new adventure!"

Prepare for a day of giggles, discovery, and possibly the best sleep your kids will have had in a while!

Happy hopping!

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