Netflix Codes in Australia & How to Unlock Them

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Turns out, you haven't even scratched the surface of the number of movies available on Netflix in Australia. Turns out, we also haven't even begun to uncover the thousands of movies at our fingertips, that is until we stumbled upon a marvellous secret: Netflix codes.

If you've heard of Netflix codes you've probably assumed that they're not real. Netflix codes in Australia are certainly real and here to make your movie-bingeing sessions all the more enjoyable. Get ready to unlock way more cinematic genres than you even know what to do with!

Netflix Codes in Australia

Netflix secret codes
Find out how to unlock secret codes on Netflix in Australia.

Since it came into our lives and our homes back in 2015, Netflix in Australia has been a fixture of just about every family's weekend and even weekday watching. Gone are the days of hitting your local video shop to check out the latest blockbuster movies straight from Hollywood. Nowadays, all you have to do is click a button and you're presented with hundreds of movies at your fingertips, but are you using Netflix to its full potential?

Even though Netflix usually fills our screens with plenty of choices of movies to watch on a weekly basis, it can sometimes feel like there's nothing good to watch, am I right? This is one of life's amusing conundrums, but not for long. You see, Netflix actually have WAY more movies in their arsenal than we're led to believe, in particular, there are way more movie genres and sub-genres you could be accessing. So unless you have time to literally spend hours scrolling through Netflix, it might be time to unlock some secret codes.

How to Access Netflix Codes

If the genres on your Netflix account are starting to seem a bit drab and same-same, it's time to put Netflix codes to good use.

Netflix codes are designed to be used on a web browser to unlock thousands of movie genres outside of the mainstream ones Netflix presents to viewers. And we're not talking about niche topics like 'Film noir' or 'Mockumentaries', we're talking about super-niche genres like ‘Coming-of-age-dramas-based-on-books’, or ‘Visually-striking-imaginative-movies’.

Unfortunately, it's not as simple as hitting some buttons on your tv to unlock hidden Netflix codes. Netflix codes in Australia can only be accessed via your online Netflix account - simply log into your Netflix account and enter into the URL, then replace the ‘xxxx’ with the number that corresponds to the particular Netflix subcategory you want to find. Once you find a movie to watch, simply search for it on your tv.

Netflix Genres

Speaking of Netflix genres, there are truckloads of them. Compiling a list of all of the Netflix genres would probably entail quitting our jobs and since we're not keen on doing that, we've used a reliable source to give you a preview of all of the best Netflix genres and secret codes to start discovering a whole new world of entertainment - enjoy!

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