Melbourne❜s Digital Art Gallery The Lume Will Glow Your Socks Off

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She's a glower, not a show-er, that's for sure. Say hello to an art gallery with no tangible artwork, just digital projections on the walls. Melbourne's The Lume is an after dark immersive art gallery which uses 150 digital projectors to bring pieces to life across the space’s curved walls and floor.

The Lume will open in Autumn 2020 in a 2000-square-metre gallery and you can expect the world's greatest artists to come to life on these walls.

Just to set the standard, the first exhibition will feature paintings and sketches by Vincent van Gogh. 

The 90-minute experience is choreographed to music and layered with aromas, and can even involve themed food and drinks to really heighten the senses. 

Dark Side Of The Lume

The Lume is Grande Exhibitions founder Bruce Peterson’s answer to a demand for new, shared experiences.

“We have been at the forefront of this movement globally as our popular exhibitions have quickly moved from artefact based, to multimedia, to multi-sensory and now to very experiential,” he said.

“Today, we engage many more new audiences through this style of exhibition and experience.”

We can't wait to see what hits the wall! 

Find out more about the Lume here.

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