Melbourne❜s Best Singing Schools for Kids

When you watch The Voice, do your little ones sing along? Can they croon the tunes to all the Disney movies without making glasses in your house shatter? Do they love turning everything into song?

If you’ve got a budding Beyonce or Michael Buble in the house, it might be time to invest in singing lessons to help their talents be heard. To make it easier, we’ve compiled a list of some of Melbourne’s best singing schools for kids. You’re welcome.

1. Dots Singing

Little ones need not apply – this singing school gets them started once they’re over eight years old.
And then…
They work with beginners through to advanced and teach kids about healthy vocal techniques to help their voices become stronger.
As their confidence grows, there are plenty of performance opportunities and the training is tailored to help keen students meet individual goals.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0417553969
Address: 180 Mountain View Parade, Rosanna
More information: visit the website

2. The Johnny Young Talent School

If you grew up in the 1980s, you probably learned to sing by watching the show from this Australian entertainment legend – Johnny Young, himself.
Young Talent Time produced some big name talents – and lots of others – and now some aspects of that show’s vibe exist in talent school form at a handy location in Melbourne’s inner-suburb of Richmond.
The classes on offer take in everything from jazz and ballet to musical theatre and pop group workshops, so students have a chance to mingle singing with dancing and performance too. Anthony Callea is one of the famous alumni and the enthusiasm to make a go of it in the entertainment industry – as well as simply have fun along the way – here is definitely contagious.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0412 173 726
Address: 4 Yorkshire Street, Richmond
More information: visit the website

3. Perfect Pitch School Of Music

The aim here is to inspire and encourage creative minds to evolve through the gift of music. Creativity and self-expression is a big focus here, and the promise to improve vocal range without damaging precious vocal chords comes with the offer to give your money back if you don’t notice a difference after your first lesson. They also teach instruments and run a songwriting club, plus there are school holiday camps too. Mobile classes are also on offer if transport and time getting your kids to and from classes are an issue.

What You Need To Know

The approach is young and fresh from a teacher with years of teaching and performance experience.
Phone: 0401 608 228
Address: 4 Bolingbroke Street, Pascoe Vale
$25-$55 per class
More information: visit the website

4. Connected Voice

Professional singing tuition does make a difference – but it can’t work magic on people who don’t make the effort. The teacher and singing school founder, Rachel Kane, uses improvisation, visual cues, movement and even aspects of meditation to get kids involved in their singing – and have fun. Group classes, private lessons and individual coaching for audition preparation are all on offer in a friendly, relaxed environment.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0416 967 880
Address: 17 Almond Street, Caulfield South
More information: visit the website

5. Vocal Art Studios

This school teaches all aspects of performance, including rock band classes, glee club and a range of instruments, including vocals. The teachers are music industry professionals and they direct their teaching techniques to help students through the world’s number one contemporary music syllabus – Rockschool.
They walk the talk, and their students and teachers have been seen an a range of popular shows, including The Voice, X Factor and more.
Your child will learn the ground-work of building a great voice and performance style – from breathing exercises to range extension and flexibility, as well as recording techniques and sight-reading for singers.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 9994 8066
Address: 30 Webb Road, Airport West
More information: visit the website

6. Sing Space

The exercises each week are all about healthy vocal registration, increased vocal range, improved vocal tone and pitch. After all, who wants a child that can’t sing without straining their vocal chords?
Even in the group setting, there are plenty of opportunities for solo performances that help boost confidence, and with mid-year and end-of-year concerts at a cool Kew venue, there are also chances to hone performance skills too.
Group classes are also available and have a maximum of three students in a 45-minute class.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0419 118 454
Address: 1 Cookson Street, Camberwell
More information: visit the website

7. The Australian Girls Choir

Yes, it’s only for girls but it’s got a great reputation and offers multiple opportunities to perform around the country – and even the world, in later years. It won’t suit all personalities – it’s very sweet and structured – but the discipline and sisterhood within the students might be just what you’re looking for.
Junior@agc focuses its attention on little ones aged between 5- 7 years old. Once they hit 8 years of age, they’re able to join the general choir and, depending on where you live, there is sure to be a class somewhere nearby. As girls progress through age ranks and skill level, different opportunities are offered, with some cherry-picked to join additional groups that offer more intensive singing training.

What You Need To Know

Girls are invited to attend a free trial class before they commit.
It is an investment in both time and money but those that love it, really love it.
Phone: 9859 6499
Email: [email protected]
Address: various locations
More information: visit the website

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