Melbourne’s Best Bilingual Playgroups, Kindergartens and Schools

Sprechen sie anglais?
Parlez-vous Deutsch?

Let’s talk bilingual, baby.

Whether you're of international heritage and want to make sure your roots are not forgotten, or you’re as English as can be but have aspirations to enrich for your little ones with another language, bilingual education is yours for the taking at schools, kindergartens and even childcare centres across Melbourne.

In the Victorian public school system there is currently one special school and eleven primary schools offering designated bilingual programs, including:

  • Abbotsford Primary (Mandarin)
  • Aurora (Auslan)
  • Bayswater South Primary (German)
  • Benalla P-10 College (Indonesian)
  • Camberwell Primary (French)
  • Caulfield Primary (Japanese
  • Footscray Primary (Vietnamese)
  • Gruyere Primary (Japanese)
  • Huntingdale Primary (Japanese)
  • Kennington Primary (Auslan)
  • Lalor North Primary (Macedonian)
  •  Richmond West Primary (Mandarin)


For more details, check out this list:

Kimmba Bilingual Learning

Melbourne’s first bilingual early learning centre offers three languages – Mandarin, Spanish and German – for children aged 0-6 years old.

All the classics of a pre-school experience are here – circle time, stories, dance, song, show and tell, art and craft and more – but what’s different is that they are presented in a bilingual setting, with a broader aim to encourage better community cohesion in our increasingly multicultural society.

The government-funded 4-year old kindergarten bilingual program is a great precursor to studies at a bilingual primary school.

What You Need To Know

This original East St Kilda location was the starting point for this innovative early learning centre, with a new centre recently opened at Doncaster Shopping Town too.

Phone: 9525 8313 (East St Kilda)
Address: 2 Balston Street, East St Kilda
More information: visit the website


Minitalia Lab 

Numerous studies have shown that learning a second language, such as Italian, at early childhood can enhance children’s mental development, can stimulate thought processes, reasoning skills, early reading and increased self-esteem. It also promotes awareness of other cultures and diversity. Minitalia Lab believes in giving each child the bilingual advantage. All activities at Minitalia Lab are designed to enhance early language, communication skills, and to broaden children's vocabulary. Their programs stimulate cognitive and memory skills to develop listening and comprehension skills, as well as activating fine and gross motor skills, improving visual processing skills and promoting socialisation.

Run for children aged 0 to 8, Minitalia Lab immerses children in the beautiful Italian language through creative play, movement, art, music and story. Run by Italy native, Alessandra, Minitalia Lab’s 10-week programs run throughout each term aim to encourage children’s natural creativity and curiosity. All classes are run by native Italian-speaking educators and are known for being incredibly nurturing and loving. Discounts are offered when you book for multiple terms. 

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0451 284 081
Address: 200 Glen Iris Road, Glen Iris
Email: [email protected] 
More information: visit the website

Renown Kindergarten

If you’re a fluent French speaker and want your children to grow up with a thorough grasp of your native tongue, sending them to this lovely kindergarten is definitely a wonderful start. Renown Kindergarten has a fantastic reputation as a sought-after 3-year-old and 4-year-old kindergarten program but every Thursday and Friday, a section of the kindergarten is used exclusively by The Ecole Française de Melbourne (EFM), to help children improve their learning of the French language as a flow-on from what is already happening at home.

What You Need To Know

For bilingual babies keen to hone their French in a traditional kindergarten environment, this place is perfect but be aware that the delivery of education is not bilingual itself. All sessions here are delivered in French only and perfect for families who may be made up of one native French speaker who wants to help their little one have a solid grasp of the language from the start.

Phone: 9509 6872
Email: [email protected]
Address: 20 Cliff Street, South Yarra
More information: visit the website

Camberwell Primary School

It’s all about immersion here, with an extensive bilingual program that offers French from the start of the day and for half of each school day.

Many language experts believe that being surrounded by another language helps children acquire vocabulary quickly and begin to respond in the target language. With some core subjects – such as science and maths – taught in French, children are exposed to the language in practical, everyday ways to help them understand it properly.

What You Need To Know

This restricted enrolment school only takes children from the local neighbourhood.

Phone: 9882 4663
Email: [email protected]
Address: 290 Camberwell Road, Camberwell

More information: visit the website

Il Giardino D’Infanzia (Italian Playgroup)

Italian immersion through games, art activities, singing and dancing.

It’s a focused and fun two-hour weekly get-together, with a group leader to guide the way. Parents/carers bring a plate of food to share.
Mangia, mangia!

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0422 416 147 (Daniela)
Email: [email protected]
Address: Ivanhoe Scout Hall, 52 Ford Street, Ivanhoe
Session time: Monday 10am-12midday

More information: visit the website

Kalimera Kids Playgroup Oakleigh

Does this bilingual Greek playgroup aim to Cultivate the Greek language and culture for children between the ages of 18 months and five years old? Vαι!
The program here has been designed to teach Greek as a second language in a way that is fun and easy.

What You Need To Know

Phone: 0414 777 600 (Georgia)
Email: [email protected]
Address: Oakleigh Hall, 142-144 Drummond St, Oakleigh
Session times: Friday 9:30am & 11.30am

More information: visit the website

Playgroup Victoria promotes a huge array of playgroups across Melbourne and regional Victoria and a quick glance at their list shows playgroups that deliver education-focused activities in Latvian, Dutch, Korean, Russian, Turkish, Serbian, Burmese, German, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Lithuanian, Mandarin and Maori tribal languages – and more.
To find a playgroup near you, visit this website.

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Jan 31 2020

Newlands PS in Preston is a Spanish bilingual primary school


Jul 16 2018

You are missing Melbourne's strongest (and best) bilingual school, Deutsche Schule. Our kids go here and my daughter is fluent in German after knowing zero German two years. It's amazing. There is also Froebel on the same site which is a German child care centre.