Make Your Own Cardboard Doll House

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What's a little girl's bedroom without a dream house for her dolls and figurines? The costly Sydney property market might put constraints on extra bedrooms and expansive lounge rooms, but when you create your own doll house, there are no limits to the mansion you can manifest.

If you're anything like us, the highlight of the movie Suddenly 30 with Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo was without a doubt the cardboard 'Jenna Dream House' that a teenage Matt created for 13-year-old Jenna, which he kept hidden away until his 30s. Romantic, and a pretty impressive effort on the construction front.

Source: For Okray Lovers

The good part about DIY cardboard doll houses is that there are no rules. Whether you want a shoebox style roofless one that you peer down into, or cut one side off a much larger box and create a multi-storey home, they're all pretty simple to make, look great, make use of materials that would've gone to waste, and are fun to play with and decorate. Here are some ideas, tips and tricks:

Cardboard Bed

Whether it's for a Barbie, Superman or monkey toy, you can help your child make the perfect bed to accommodate their toy friends, the perfect addition to a cardboard doll house. Ambrosia Girl has figured out how to make one with interlocking pieces, meaning no sticky tape or glue is required! 

Source: Ambrosia Girl

Wall-less Doll House

We love this style as kids can really get in there and decorate each room of the house, and see exactly what's going on. Decorate each room with a different wall paper, and create mini chairs, beds and tables to fill it up. 

Source: Handmade Charlotte/Doce Menos Diez

Just look at the detail you can go into- paint windows and flower pots onto the cardboard, stick birds on the roof, and even put it on a stand to give it some extra height. 

Source: Handmade Charlotte

Extra Spacious Doll House

This one's bigger than your average cardboard doll house, but we love it! Perfect if your child's dolls are larger in size. Artful Parent takes you through a step-by-step method to make one, complete with a holey roof so that little arms can reach in for playtime. It's big enough to go paint crazy, too!

Source: Artful Parent

Tall Doll House

This multi-layered doll house requires boxes of different sizes and scissors! The ground floor will be your most spacious, with a rooftop bedroom with a view. Don't forget the paper roll chimney! Perfect for older or taller children.

Source: Handmade Charlotte/Aprill Aprill

My Cakies even offers instructions on how to build a cardboard doll house in a rather jigsaw-like manner, with not a lot of sticky tape or glue required. This one has both a back and front of house which means more room for dolls and play.

Source: My Cakies

Scandinavian Style

This doll house can fold down flat at the end of playtime, and can be reconstructed into a differently shaped house each time! Use a black marker to create pieces of furniture. This one is perfect for extra tiny little fingers, though they might need a little help with the construction. Instructions are available from Deko. 

Source: Deko

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