Let Your Living Room Become a Kids Playground During Isolation

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Right now, more than ever, home is the most important place in the world – a place to relax, play, work, learn, and be together.

As leaders in life at home, IKEA wants you to be happy at home, and enhance how you use our spaces for different purposes. Kids are spending increased time at home recently and parents may be questioning how they can enhance the time spent together indoors and keep the kids entertained.

Turn your living room into a five-game contest that keeps everyone in the family busy and happy.

Five games beginning with origami

Arrange a pentathlon that rewards imagination and brain power. Start easy by gathering over a round of snacks and drinks, and combine it with an origami folding game. Fold frogs from LUSTIGT origami paper and create a racetrack using coloured tape or create your own rules.

Work out the numbers in a math test

Colourful math problems creates light-hearted competition and encourages kids to keep their brains active. A roll of drawing paper on the wall makes preparation, restart and clean up easy.

Bring out your inner action film star

Create an obstacle course from cushions, a rug and laser beams (made from tape). Now, get into character and act out your best spy-movie avoid-the-alarm moves.

Dress the mannequin

Fashion a dressing duel from two mannequins and a wardrobe full of clothes. Best outfit of the day wins! Use the NÄPEN clothes stand to get started.

Toss a toy animal (and get rid of the clutter)

Set up a SNIDAD basket and let the contestants target-toss soft toys like the VANDRING UGGLA glove puppet GOSIG GOLDEN soft toy into it. The same principle can be applied when you want children to help with the tidying. Simple, but genius!

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