5 Kid’s Garden Projects That Are Easy and Fun

WIth the farewell of winter, spring is the perfect time to launch some easy kid's gardening projects. We've picked our favourite five that are pretty easy but plenty of fun.

1. Recycled Sand Box

gardening kids
Image by Flynnside Products.

If you don’t have an old shell-shape sandbox hanging around the garden somewhere, are you really a parent? You can up-cycle that eye-sore into a make-shift herb or flower bed. Pack it with soil and add in seeds or ready-to-grow seedlings.

2. Pizza Garden Bed

Pizza Garden Kids
Easy to do but plenty of fun. 

Super simple but kids absolutely love this… probably because it reminds them of their favourite food. All you have to do is divide up a patch of the garden into sections then plant something in each of them and watch it grow. The finish product if you do lots of different coloured flowers is pretty spectacular.

3. Egg Shell Seeds

egg shell seeds kids gardening
Egg shell seeds. 

Early spring is the best time to start growing seeds and your old eggs shells make the perfect growing station. Don’t forget to keep the box though otherwise they’ll be rolling all over the place. A firm favourite is sunflowers as they’re easy to grow and then you can plant them along your fence line once they’re just over the size of your thumb. By summer time, they’ll be flourishing.

4. Ladybug Hotel

kids gardening
A cute lady bug hotel. 

The above is pretty slick but you could even just use two old planks of wood. Trim them down and nail them together to create a rectangle shape, then fill them with cut-up bamboo. Little bugs and lady birds love the small hidey holes.

5. Shark Garden

kids garden projects
Kids Garden Projects. 

Yeah a fairy house is cute but level it up and create a shark garden, with ice-lolly pop-stick deckchair, sand taken from the beach and a cocktail umbrella pulled from the trusty drinks cabinet. We know you’ve got one on hand. Either add your own toy shark or create one with a bit of craft.

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