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It’s no secret that practising new skills and trying new things can have a huge impact on a child’s capacity and ability to learn in school; especially if they are already struggling to concentrate. 

Dubbed a “gym for your brain”, Thingy Flip harnesses the power of learning new skills and applies it to juggling—giving kids the opportunity to channel their energy into something different, while actively helping them to connect the right and left sides of their brain for increased concentration and better cognitive performance. 

“But what is it?” And how does it boost brain power?!”, we hear you ask! Here, we dive deep into this truly unique educational tool, addressing how to use it, the science behind it and why their new 8 Week Hand-Eye Coordination Program is worth its weight in gold. 

What Is Thingy Flip And What Do I Do With It?

Thingy Flip
Thingy Flip is a fun and engaging way for kids (and adults!) to practice their hand-eye coordination skills.


Thingy Flip was created to meet a need for engaging hand-eye coordination games for kids. The mission is simple: to increase kids’ brainpower and develop their skills in a fun, engaging way—so that young minds can reap the benefits from all of the new neural pathways that they will establish through learning to catch on all sides of both hands.

Way more than just a simple box, Thingy Flip takes the skills of juggling and amplifies them 5-fold—as it teaches users to toss and catch using 5 sides of both fists. Sounds intriguing, right? We’d highly recommend taking a minute to watch this YouTube video—which really captures the essence of how to use Thingy Flip, as well as this YouTube video where you can see a boy take his first lesson, and achieve his first toss and catch in just 1 minute and 30 seconds!

The aim is to toss and catch the sack on all 5 sides of the box. To really inspire young ones to practice, a licensing system is included with every Thingy Flip order—with the idea that parents will monitor their kids reaching particular milestones (such as recording a certain number of tosses and catches), and make their way through the licenses, accruing new skills with each stage reached.

Included in each purchase of the Thingy Flip is the box, the sack to toss and catch, 5 licenses and a stats recording sheet to see your improvement and access to the Member Video Training area. Once the basics have been mastered and hand-eye coordination is improving—the Thingy Flip version of handball (called box ball) is a great way to get all of the family involved—check out the video here.

Bridging The Gap Between Physical and Mental 

A personal passion project by founder Dominic See, Thingy Flip was born out of his very own struggles to learn as a child. A natural sportsman, Dominic noticed a profound transformation in his ability to concentrate when he learned to juggle, and committed to regularly honing his craft. His history of ADHD and dyslexia meant that paying attention at school did not come naturally, and he regularly speaks of the ‘fuzziness’ that clouded his brain while he was trying to learn. Luckily, he discovered juggling and the fog began to lift—along with his grades and self-confidence.

Thingy Flip aims to bridge the gap between brain development and motor skills—getting kids learning in a physical way that teaches them hand-eye coordination, all while improving their cognitive abilities. 

Why Thingy Flip?

Thingy Flip juggle your way to increased brain power
Hone your hand-eye coordination with this innovative game for children and adults alike.


It's no secret that kids are spending more and more time attached to screens and devices. Thingy Flip aims to (quite literally) flip that norm on its head—encouraging kids to get outside, moving their bodies and work on the foundational skill of hand-eye coordination. 

Any sportsperson will tell you how integral hand-eye coordination is to playing any sport or game. In fact, Thingy Flip is used by cricket players, tennis players and football players to really hone that skill outside of training. 

The founder of Thingy Flip believes he can get kids catching at least 6 months sooner than they currently do using tradition ball-throwing methods—enabling them to get ahead in school and in sport. The perfect tool for children and adults alike, Thingy Flip will undoubtedly improve your hand-eye coordination—and the founder is so confident in his product, he offers a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t (as long as players track their practices, of course.)

8 Week Hand-Eye Coordination Program

Thingy Flip
The Thingy Flip 8 week program is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination skills.


The perfect place to start for all Thingy Flip novices, the 8 Week Hand-Eye Coordination Program aims to have you tossing and catching using all 5 sides of the Thingy Flip cube, testing and growing your concentration, focus, confidence and reactions.

The perfect solution for keeping young minds active over the summer holidays, the 8-week program presents an ideal opportunity to engage your kids’ in a new, fun and unique activity—and to enjoy all of the cognitive benefits that Thingy Flip brings! 

As a special gift to encourage ellaslist readers to reap the rewards of Thingy Flip, readers can get $30 off the already discounted website special—taking the price from $79 to $49. That’s a saving of $100 from the standard price ($149)—so get in quick to secure yours. Simply sign up to become a Thingy Flip Club Member on the website homepage and enter the code FLIPME at checkout to receive the discount. You’re welcome!

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