Gosford Leagues Club Gets a Mega Renovation

Now an award-winning parkland on the Central Coast, Gosford Leagues Club Park has been on the receiving end of an extensive renovation; now showcasing local Aboriginal culture and a unique, nature-inspired design.

We're sure you'll agree that parks are such an important part of a community—where families can come together in the outdoors and appreciate the area within which they live. Here’s what makes Gosford Leagues Club Park so special.

An Award-Winning, World-Class Space

Gosford Leagues Club Park Gets A Mega Rennovation
There's no end of fun waiting to be had at the all-new, award-winning Gosford Leagues Club Park.

Thanks to a whopping $10 million investment from the Hunter and Central Coast Development Corporation (HCCDC), the Gosford Leagues Club Park has been transformed into an outdoor space that’s truly in a league of its own.

Interactive Aboriginal design elements, plenty of great-quality green space and wild play areas are what has earned the park first place in the Aboriginal Heritage and Judges Choice Awards at the National Trust Heritage Awards 2021. Cheers to that!

Indigenous Design

The Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council played a central role in the park's design—meaning that local Aboriginal culture has been breathed into every area of the park.

Gosford Leagues Club
Aboriginal culture is imbued throughout the foundational design of the parkland.

A circular gathering space formed by large timber poles sits at the heart of the park, adorned in traditional Aboriginal art by local artists. Meanwhile, the park’s innovative tidal terrace brings the bay into the park through a shallow waterway, including sandstone animal 'islands' inspired by the nearby Bulgandry art site.

Nature Inspired Parkland

Gosford Leagues Club Park Tidal Terrace
The tidal terrace promises tonnes of fun for all ages at Gosford Leagues Club Park!

The transformation of this vibrant, family-friendly hub is inspired by the elements of nature; and includes plenty of shaded areas for picnics, pedestrian paths, barbecue facilities and a whole lot of inclusive play space.

The tidal terrace is testament to the thought-out, unique design of the park. When the tide rises the terrace becomes a water play zone where kids can splash ’til their hearts are content, then when the tide falls, the terrace uncovers a sandy play space for all to enjoy. What's not to love?!

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