Gift Buying Made Easy With White Bow Gift Registry

We all know that gift buying can be a stressful experience, particularly when you account for the time it takes to shop for the perfect present, alongside the many variables that can quickly dub a gift redundant (wrong size, wrong colour, duplicated gift, to name but a few.)

Well, there’s a new app on the block and it takes a tonne of the stress out of the gift buying process. White Bow Gift Registry is the perfect wishlist solution for all manner of celebrations, such as baby showers, birthdays, weddings or Christmas. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Use

White Bow Gift Registry
Make gifting a whole lot easier with White Bow's gift registry app!

White Bow Gift Registry is an IOS app and a web app that lets you create a gift registry using any store. Yes, any store! This means you aren’t limited to only listing one genre of gift on your Wishlist—and you can jump from clothing to skincare and kitchen utensils as much as you like. To create the registry, you simply have to search online for the gifts that you want, or you can manually add the items by uploading a photo to the app and listing the stores that the gift is available for purchase from.

Another helpful feature is that you can state your likes, dislikes, size and style preferences on the app—meaning there’s much less margin for error from your nearest and dearest!

Once you’ve created a gift registry, a Unique ID is generated, which you can share with guests to your upcoming event (or just with your partner and kids on Mother’s Day, for example)—and if a guest has purchased any of the gifts listed, they can state the quantity they have purchased, thereby preventing others from purchasing the same item. Genius!

Why Use a Gift Registry?

While spontaneous, saw-this-and-thought-of-you gifts can be a wonderful surprise and expression of love, sometimes there is simply more at stake—for example, expectant parents absolutely don’t need seven lots of the same muslins anymore than newlyweds need three of the same cutlery sets. Both of these are instances where a gift registry is an especially great idea—ensuring celebrants receive things they actually want and will use.

A gift registry is a win-win situation, ensuring that those receiving the gifts are happy with their loot—whilst simultaneously taking the guesswork and stress out of buying a potentially unwanted gift for the people doing the gifting.

Invitation Templates

White Bow Gift Registry
White Bow Gift Registry has got you covered from every angle—from wishlists to free invitation templates!

In a (brush) stroke of genius, White Bow Gift Registry also offer two gorgeous brushstroke design invitation templates that are free to download and perfect for your next event—whether it be a baby shower, birthday party, house warming or other.

The invitation templates include a section to write in the Unique ID of your White Bow gift registry, including it as part of your event from the outset (and meaning you don’t have to send the Unique ID separately in an email, WhatsApp, text or via Facebook Messenger.) What’s not to love!

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