Get Your Wobbly Pancake Fix At The New Gram Cafe

  • All Ages

It’s stacks on (pun intended!) at the new Gram Café in Chatswood, where you’ll find your new sweet obsession: their ultra fluffy pancake stack.

The Gram Café phenomenon is nothing new, having opened in Osaka, Japan back in 2014, however, their wobbly soufflé pancake stack is certainly a new phenomenon for Sydney. The first Gram Café in Australia opened its doors in Chatswood last weekend and has already created quite the frenzy with every Sydneysider keen to get their hands on one of the 8 pancake flavours on the menu, in particular their legendary soufflé pancakes.

Unlike your usual flat-cake pancakes, Gram Café pancakes are devilishly thick (at least 5 cm!) and made using an egg-white-heavy batter that’s whipped, steamed under metal domes and then cooked. The wobbly creation is topped with fresh cream and is akin to eating a plate of fresh clouds.


Other exciting pancake creations on the Gram Café menu include matcha pancakes, tiramisu pancakes, caramelised banana pancakes, and honeyed-apple pancakes.

To feast your eyes on their menu, visit the Gram Café website.

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