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By: Ayesha Khan, ellaslist

Melbourne certainly has no shortage of excellent playgrounds, but one that ticks all the right boxes for adventurous littles ones is Frontier Park Adventure Playground. Here's what to check out if you haven't been for a play yet.

Latest 'Slide' On The Block

You simply cannot drive past this playground without the kids' screaming to go for a play! Frontier Park Adventure Playground includes plenty of slides, tunnels, swings, trampolines, water play area, small skate area and a bunch of other fun and engaging areas. 

The highlight of the park is two huge structures, set on colourful mounds, which tower over the park with an enclosed rope bridge connecting them. The little daredevils will love running back and forth on the bridge as they zoom down one of the three gigantic tunnel super slides. Don't worry if the bridge run looks too daring. There are other ways to climb up to the slides including spiral stairs and a vertical rope tunnel. 

For the littlest ones, there's a smaller wave slide on one side of the mound. The pentagonal frame has five swings on it. However, only one is suitable for younger kids.

Sand And Water Play

There's a decent-sized sandpit with a water fountain on one side. There's a separate water play area comprising a shallow concrete channel lined by water sprays. Kids can enjoy raising and lowering the chutes and watching the water rush by. 

The Extras

Right next to the park is a basketball court and a small skate park with ramps, quarter, rail and fun box in the middle. The park also has some sheltered tables and a BBQ area, toilets and some unsheltered seating and tables.

Video Source: Woodlea Estate Facebook Page

What You Need To Know

Location: Cnr Woodlea Boulevard and Frontier Avenue, Rockbank

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