Everything You Need for Fun Indoor Camping for Kids

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Looking for the ultimate indoor camping set-up for kids? We’ve compiled everything you might need for the best camping experience without leaving your home. So, go grab your sleeping bags and let’s go…

Everything You Need for Fun Indoor Camping for Kids

1. The Tent 

If you love an old school fort set-up with a blanket and chairs, check out the video above. It'll help you create one of the best. But these days, there's a whole range of ways to level up indoor camping for kids.

For one, magnetic fort pillows are quickly becoming the hottest trend in indoor play. They look like a sofa but can be pulled apart to make a sleek-looking den of all different shapes and sizes. Get The Fort is one of our favourite brands but there are a few out there. They're not cheap though, coming in at a hefty $499.

Prefer to keep it a little kinder on the pocket? Opt for a one-man pop-up tent. You can nab one for as cheap as $50 on the likes of Catch. And they're super easy to put away. Or if it's more of a festival vibe, then perhaps a teepee is your calling and the Cotton On Teepee is just $30 a pop.

2. The Campfire

An absolutely essential part of any camping experience, even of the make-belief kind, is a campfire. The above will help you make your own, adding in a bit of craft fun to the experience. But if you'd prefer to keep the glue gun safely tucked away in the craft box then you can also buy a ready-made faux campfire. We love the two below. On the left is a full camping fire setup from Hubbymade.com, and it comes with cooking pots and pretend marshmallows and sausages. And on the right is the Fisher Price Smore's Fun Campfire which is more suitable for younger campers.

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indoor camping ideas for kids
Left is by Hubbymade.com. On the right is Fisher-Price. Images supplied

3. S'mores and All the Camping Snacks 

A top tip to make little ones really feel like they're camping is to pull out the esky and fill it with their water bottles, fruit and other snacks. They can help you gather their "camping supplies", including emergency snacks if they get caught out in the wild. But the biggest treat for indoor camping is making s'mores and sitting around the 'campfire' to enjoy them. The above video should help but make sure you've stocked up on plenty of marshmallows.

4. Star Projector 

Indoor camping with kids stars
Amazon Galaxy Projector. Image supplied

Indoor camping with kids should always come with stars, right? And there's a whole range of star projectors out there right now, with something to fit every price range. There's the Amazon Galaxy Projector at $55, the Planetarium Projector by Discovery at $29 or the top-of-the-range Galactic Night at $134.99. No matter what you choose, the room will fill up with colourful stars, especially if you keep the curtains or blinds closed. 

5. Indoor Camping Games for Kids 

indoor camping games for kids
Glow stick games for kids.

And last but not least are the games. There are so many fun games to play during camping. Charades and nature bingo are two games to play around the 'campfire'. Or for some quiet time, why not print off some camping-themed colouring pages and snuggle down for a colouring-in session.  And once the sun goes down, glow sticks and bracelets can be used for ring toss. Just use an old bottle to toss the glow stick rings onto. And then, the finale, turn up the music for a camp dance party.

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