Emma Watkins Reveals Her New Children❜s Character, Emma Memma

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Emma Watkins, the former Yellow Wiggle, has finally given us a peak at what she's been up to since she quit The Wiggles in October 2021.

The former Yellow Wiggle hasn't veered too far from her Wiggles character and is still dancing, singing, and making kids happy with a new colourful character, Emma Memma.

Introducing Emma Memma

Emma Memma cartoon
Emma Watkins' new Emma Memma character.

Emma Watkins, aka the Yellow Wiggle, shocked fans worldwide when she quit The Wiggles after 11 years of delighting young fans in October 2021.

When Emma handed in her yellow skivvy to spend more time with her family after enduring lengthy lockdowns and spending eight out of 12 months of the year touring, we thought we'd seen the last of her. But it seems that you can take the girl out of The Wiggles but you can't take The Wiggles out of the girl!

Emma's new career move is strikingly similar to her Yellow Wiggle character only this time around she's dancing and singing in orange instead of yellow. Emma Memma is Emma's new TV character that's sure to delight all of her adoring fans and then some.

In a chat with the Daily Telegraph, Emma revealed that bright colours equal happy viewers: "Research shows that warm and bright colours are very intriguing for preschoolers. Pink has always been a part of my wardrobe but orange is such a bright and happy colour, it is not as celebrated a colour because it is not a part of the primary spectrum."

"It feels like the colour represents this new chapter moving forward and because orange is symbolic of being happy, I think that is something we love to represent."

Sing. Dance. Sign

Sing. Dance. Sign is the tagline of the new Emma Memma world, which focuses on a new generation of communication, where she and her friends navigate challenges and adventure using sign language, choreographed dance narratives, gesture, mime, singing, speaking, listening, making craft and drawing.

Where can you Watch Emma Memma?

Emma Memma is kicking things off with an album release later this year and a TV show is also in the works. 

Fans can sign up to her newsletter for all of the latest updates and song releases or check her out on Instagram.

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