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Saturday was no ordinary day for my two-year-old sidekick and me. We ditched the usual playground antics for something with a bit more sparkle – South Eveleigh's Summer Express. Spoiler alert: it's a festive hit!

South Eveleigh's Summer Express: A Festive Wonderland

South Eveleigh's Summer Express: A Festive Wonderland
"A tunnel installation that's like a rainbow exploded!" Photo by Jess Nash.

First up, the entrance: a tunnel installation that's like a rainbow exploded – in a good way. My son's eyes were as big as saucers, and honestly, so were mine. You can come straight through from Redfern Station and it's like entering a new world. Something about going from the everyday of a train station through a magical tunnel into a new world is super enchanting, for young and old alike. 

Pro Parent Tip: Pram Parking Perfection

Pram parking
The game-changer: the pram parking spot.

Here's a game-changer: the pram parking spot. Yes, you read that right. Traveling by public transport with a pram can feel like bringing a suitcase to a nightclub, but not here. Park your pram to the left of the DJ booth, under the eagle eyes of a friendly volunteer. It's like valet parking for your baby chariot. You can hop on the trackless train or bust a move with your tot, all without the pram-drag. It’s such a relief and, honestly, why don't all events have this? Make the most of it! 

This is also the spot where you can jump onto what was for my son, the highlight of the event, the trackless train. 

Choo-Choo Choose Your Adventure

trackless train ride
All aboard! 

The FREE trackless train ride? A toddler's dream on wheels.

We chugged along, taking in the sights, and for a moment, I was the coolest parent on the planet. Victory!  Honestly, I thought he might get sick of sitting still (as is a toddler's prerogative) but he was captivated for the full ride and full of questions about how trains worked by the end, which we decided we'd ask Siri about when we got home.

Where Kids and Music Mix

The Vegetable plot
We weren't the only ones to meet Santa! Credit: The Vegetable Plot

The Summer Express Stage was hopping with tunes from The Vegetable Plot, and yes, I caught myself tapping my feet. It's not just for the kiddos, folks.

Play Town was like the Olympics for toddlers – hoops, ping pong, you name it. And the ball pit? Think kiddie mosh pit, but safer and more colourful.

Santa and Surprises

So much fun to be had!

Santa made an appearance, and let's just say my little one was more in awe than chatty. As a parent who has seen a few Santas already this year, this one with his rosy cheeks and booming laugh had to be one of my favourites.

The face painting and pop-up magicians? Well, they just upped the cool factor.

Community Vibes and Good Tunes

the community
This is the sort of event that makes South Eveleigh so special.

What did I love most? The community vibe. The event felt like a giant hug from South Eveleigh, complete with therapy dogs and local tunes.

This event wasn’t just about festive fun; it was a showcase of what makes South Eveleigh special. It was a reminder that in the midst of a bustling city, there are places where community thrives, where local talent is celebrated, and where families can come together to create joyous memories.

The Summer Express at South Eveleigh was more than just an event; it was a testament to the power of community spirit - which may seem like a big call, but you're really going to have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean.

South Eveleigh's Summer Express is the festive ticket you didn't know you needed and it's all FREE! Perfect for families seeking more than just a playground jaunt. Will we be back again this year? As sure as Santa loves cookies! 

South Eveleigh's Summer Express: The Details

Where:   South Eveleigh via Redfern Station
When:    21 November - 23 December 2023 Open Tuesday to Saturday
Cost:      FREE entry | Various activities and food available for purchase

For a detailed program and more, visit South Eveleigh's Summer Express.

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