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School holidays are still rolling on, and we're all looking for cheap (or even better, FREE!) ways to keep the kids happy and entertained. 

PlayScapes at Museum of Sydney is just the ticket - with multiple opportunities to explore and play throughout the museum, conveniently located in the heart of the city, right next to Circular Quay. You can guarantee a fun-packed day on a budget. 

PlayScapes at Museum of Sydney

A short (pram-friendly) walk from the city's light rail and Circular Quay Station is the Museum of Sydney. While PlayScapes is free, booking tickets ahead is recommended to avoid disappointment. 

Billed as "a stimulating series of engaging, connected experiences that delivers opportunities for sensory, physical, cognitive, emotional and social play," I was worried it might be a little over my toddler's head. 

I needn't have worried as this event is perfect for all, kids from toddlers to pre-teens. 

Get The Guide

On arrival, it's best to speak to the lovely people at the front desk, who will give you and your children a guide to PlayScapes helping to make sure you get to experience the event in all its glory.  

The Maze

The a-mazing maze.

We almost missed the maze at the front of the museum on our way in, so we double-backed to look. While my toddler didn't entirely grasp the concept of a 2D maze, he did enjoy my husband and I both laughing as we held him and attempted to solve it ourselves. 

On that high note, we decided to head to the second floor via the lift (hello, other pram-wielding mummies), and we found our highlight, the building room.

The Building Room (aka The PlayScape)

Little man on a big mission.


Featuring beautifully designed foam blocks (with patterns and colours symbolising the diverse playground that is the city of Sydney) that were roughly the size of my toddler, we had a lot of fun building towers (toddler had a lot of fun demolishing said towers) and exploring the way shadows projected onto the wall at the front of the room. We could have easily spent an hour here, but we had more to see! 

Action shot of a tower being demolished.

Pattern Making And Design Spotting

The next room was fun for the whole family again, with tables that allowed you to create patterns that were being projected into the wall in front of you, above a large window with a sensational view of the cityscape that the designs you're playing with embody. 

We then walked around the museum, looking for the coloured screens. An activity that made us all (even my toddler) oddly competitive.


Making patterns together. 


Such a brilliant day was topped off by getting ice cream and watching the boats come in at Circular Quay, and there was one more surprise to come.

My husband realised that you could make a fun mask with the guide, which we enjoyed doing as a family once we got home. 

For more information on how you can enjoy a free day out at PlayScapes head to the PlayScapes website.

Where:      Museum of Sydney
When:       17 December 2022 – 4 June 2023
Cost:        Free entry 

Become a Museums of History NSW member.
Book tickets via the Museums of History NSW website.

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