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I have really good intentions to be a better human for this planet. Some are easier than others to turn into reality, such as separating our recyclables, donating the kids’ old clothes and toys, getting them second-hand uniforms and buying paper party supplies (although isn’t it ironic, these are still wrapped in plastic?!).

But then life (and parenting) weighs in, and I find myself overruled by a 4-year-old who will only eat cheese that comes individually wrapped and loudly insists we should drive to preschool, not walk.

Most of the time, products and services that promote being “sustainable” or “eco-friendly” also mean more expensive, and with the cost of living on the rise, I simply can’t afford to be a better human all the time.

So you can imagine how surprised and excited I was to find a cheap and clean option for something that the kids and I use every day… Electricity.

Introducing Energy Locals

Introducing Energy Locals - Cheaper, Better Energy
Better for you, better for the environment!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Energy Locals before. I hadn’t. I found out later it’s because they don’t want to use customers' money on TV ads or other expensive forms of advertising, instead mainly growing through word of mouth to keep their rates low. This is working, as over 20,000 Aussies trust them and they have some of the best customer reviews in the market.

What excites me is that they carbon offset all their customers' usage and they're also 100% Australian-owned and operated. In NSW, they get their energy from Cape Byron Power which uses sugarcane and wood waste as fuel sources, and they partner with like-minded companies, such as Tesla, to accelerate the transition to renewables.

It sounded almost too good to be true that they could also offer cheaper rates - but they did for me!

Saving Money (And The Planet)

Energy Local Saving Money (And The Planet)
Do you dare to compare Energy Locals with your current provider?

Since making the switch in December 2021 to Energy Locals (which was super easy by the way, but I’ll come back to that later) I’ve already saved over a hundred dollars (based on our last quarterly bill from our previous energy provider for about the same energy usage).

I had been with one of the “Big Three” energy companies before that, and Energy Locals is 50% cheaper than our last quarterly bill with them!

Easy As A Flick Of A Switch

The only effort required from me to make the switch was completing Energy Locals' online form, which took less than 10 minutes.

Within a day, I received an email with my new customer account details.

Shortly after, I received an email to confirm they have successfully transferred over my electricity account and my switch to Energy Locals was complete.

Three months later, I received our first quarterly bill from Energy Locals, and before then I also received my final bill from our previous energy provider.

And that was it. No additional forms or phone calls. I didn’t even need to break up with my previous energy supplier. Energy Locals did it all for me.

I can even track my usage and spending through their online app.

All that’s left to do now is bank the savings to make my next (cost-saving) good intention a reality: an electric car!

Get your prices and discover if you can save.

Energy Locals - Saving Money (And The Planet)
Providing cheaper, better energy for a happier planet!

More about Energy Locals

  • 2020 & 2021 Finder Green Energy Retailer Of The Year
  • 4.5-Star Greenpeace Green Electricity Rating
  • 100% Australian-owned and operated
  • No exit fees or lock-in contracts
  • No credit card fees for Local Members
  • Use their Self-Serve Online Portal to track usage and spending, make payments and much more.

Discover your prices and flick the switch at Energy Locals.

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