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Parents, we are on the home stretch. With school holidays drawing to an end and parents internally rejoicing, let’s make these school holidays the most memorable and go-out with a bang! 

‘To Infinity and Beyond’ these school holidays at Darling Harbour 

Ellaslist readers, I have you covered. No doubt your pockets are drained from Christmas and expensive outings, and your spirits are low from wracking your brains as to how you’ll fill the remainder of these very, very long school holidays. Look no further. Darling Harbour is the place to be right now. There is something for everyone, all ages and all stages- from tiny youngsters to adult energy-deprived ones. Time to explore and take a moment for yourself with your family. 

Cupid's Koi Garden 

Don't be koi, embrace the joy!

You won't have trouble finding this 6m-tall' colourful oddity' during this year's Sydney Festival. If you aren't familiar with your bearings at Darling Harbour, just follow the massive inflatable koi at Tumbalong Park- you can't miss it, and it's free!

Immerse yourself as you explore, touch and listen to the soothing sounds of these cute, friendly creatures as they squirt water using choreographed water jets as you submerge into this world of kaleidoscopic colour. 

Dive into this world of kaleidoscopic colour. 

Open from 10 am-10 pm daily, stay till it's dark and see Cupid's Koi Garden in all its spectacular glory lit up at night. 

Pixar Putt Putt

So much fun!

Next to the 'Chinese Garden of Friendship', Pixar Putt-Putt has arrived at Darling Harbour and it's game on! What better way to challenge your family to a friendly game of putt-putt or two? With 9 or 18 Pixar-themed holes to choose from, kids as young as three years old will fall in love with the bright, colourful and iconic Pixar favourites at each hole.

It's a whole in one for a good time!

With classic Pixar favourite songs playing in the back, this will definitely keep your littlies amused and engaged while they give it a go and "Just keep swimming". 

Swing on over to Darling Harbour and give it a go.

Designed to cater for all abilities, everyone will enjoy their time singing and dancing as they recount their favourite Pixar moments from Monsters Inc, Toy Story and Soul, to name a few.

Visit The website for pricing and information. 

Junior Garden Master Challenge 

A feast for the eyes and senses.


I have fond memories of visiting the 'Chinese Garden of Friendship 'as a child, but after revisiting it recently, I have a major crush. Nestled between Darling Quarter and Darling Square, this beauty is really a feast for the eyes and senses. It is hard to believe that this tranquil hidden gem is amongst the hustle and bustle of a city. Modelled after ancient private gardens from the 5th century, this truly is a masterpiece.  What better way to immerse oneself into the rich culture than to explore what's on offer? 

"Modelled after ancient private gardens from the 5th century, it truly is a masterpiece."

From 9 to 20 January, the 'Chinese Garden of Friendship' is running a Junior Garden Master Challenge aimed at 5 to 12year olds. What better way for these kiddies to learn than through a series of tasks through discovery and exploration with a mystery prize upon completion? The challenge runs from 11 am to 2 pm daily but feel free to stay, relax and enjoy the surroundings. 

The Gardens are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm, and stop by 'The Gardens by Lotus' restaurant for bottomless yum cha until 26 February. 

Visit The website for prices and further details. 

Pedal Boats 

The kids could not stop smiling.


One of the best views of Sydney's cityscape would have to be by the water. This is a must for the family, and just like mine, you'll be boasting about your experiences for days on end. These cute pedal boats are perfect if you are looking for a different way to explore the city, and don't worry; safety comes first— the space is sectioned off so that no disturbances will ruin your fun.

Calm seas are assured. Special thanks go to Drew, who paddled with my rugrats, making it a memorable experience and Andrew and Mic, who made sure that everyone left with huge smiles. 

The cost per ride is $44 for 30 mins, and pedal boats run from 10 am to 8 pm daily. 

Visit the website for further information. 

Warner Bros 100 Open Air Cinema 

What's better than an open-air cinema? A MASSIVE open-air cinema!


From 12 to 29 January, the newly opened Darling Quarter has partnered with Warner Bros, celebrating 100 years of storytelling with a massive open-air cinema just for you. That's right, folks, FREE nightly screenings of your favourite blockbusters like Black Adam, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman and Elvis, from 6 pm. There is also plenty of space for those that wish to bring a picnic rug or chairs. To secure your place and reserve free, comfy bean bags or mats, register online, and to view the movie schedule visit the website here.

Walk-ins are invited, but this is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis and will close once capacity is reached. 

Exclusive screenings of the new animated series, The Secret Origins of the Batwheels will be shown every evening at 5.25pm. Bring the little ones early for some fun Batwheels activities at 5pm before the show starts.

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